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Usually two years. The BA is a four year degree program in most colleges.

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Q: How long does it take to get your BA after your AAA?
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Do you need a AAA before a ba?

No. A BA is a 4-year degree with no previous degree required.

What is better having a AAA and a BA or Just a AAA?

The better one is the one that leads to your overall goals and objectives.

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Can you get a AAA certificate after a BA?

Yes, if you can do that IF you want the AA degree in an additional major. If you already have a BA from one major, though, then you are essentially considered to have completed the AA as well as the BA. There is no good reason to re-take the classes. If you are asking this because you have a BA are thinking you might want a Master's in another field, then graduate schools are really not as picky about what your actual BA is in. Technically, you can get into medical school with a degree in English Lit. I would suggest checking with the schools you are interested in if you are thinking about changing fields. Good luck!

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