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How long does it take to mail a letter from England to Finland?

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as long as it took you to be born.

how much does it cost to mail a letter to England

A Finnish stamp can be used to send mail from Finland to America, but not for mail sent within the U.S.

The length of time it takes a letter to get from London, England to Dallas, Texas depends on the method of mail. First Class mail takes between 5 and 8 business days to arrive.

For regular mail, it takes about three days for a letter to travel from France to England. If delivery is required to be faster, other means are available.

depends what company sends it e.g. royal mail (for england)

You mail a letter from Kentucky to England the same way you mail any other letter. Still, You make sure the Word England is at the bottom of the address. You call the post office or look up the amount of postage on the internet. It is more than a letter in the United States.

That depends on where you are mailing it FROM.

How long does it take for a simple mail letter from united states to new York

how long does it take for a air mail package to leave england and get to mumbai in india

it depends where from <33' From Germany it's 55 cents for a normal letter.

I have a close friend in Cyprus and I am mailing him a letter form WI how long should it take if it is an urgent mail

A letter by regular mail normally takes about 2 business days to get to it's destination as long as you mail it before the mail is collected for that day

The UK Royal Mail website says 5 days for Air Mail, and 2 weeks for surface mail. For a letter these are almost the same price, so you're much better off using Air Mail. For packages the prices differences are greater, so you may prefer the less-expensive Surface Mail if you have unlimited time.

First Class Mail is delivered in three to five days.

Put a stamp on it and post it just like anywhere else

The length of time it takes for mail to travel from England to Florida depends on the shipping method. On average, it takes 10-14 days.

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