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Depends which way you do it. I use a toasted sandwich machine that takes about 3 minutes.

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Five minutes

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Q: How long does it take to make a grilled cheese?
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How do you make a cheese samwich?

You take bread and cheese. Then you put them together. You can also heat it up to melt the cheese or grill it to make a grilled cheese sandwich.

Who would win in a fight between a grilled cheese and a taco?

Grilled cheese. But only in a fair fight. If it's prison rules, I'd take the taco.

How long does cheese take to make?

stinky cheese = Stephanie wellar

How long does it take to make cheddar cheese?

It takes about 3-4 months

How long will it take to make feta cheese?

At least 4 months.

How long does it take to make Swiss Cheese?

about 4 months to a year

How do you make a grilled cheese sandwich?

Butter the outside of the bread and place the two pieces on a heated griddle or frying pan. Put the cheese slices on the bread and cook till the buttered side is golden brown. Place one piece on the other put it on a plate and enjoy. For ideas on which bread or cheese to use, please refer to the Related Question 'What goes between the bread in a grilled cheese sandwich' below. My grilled cheese- 2 buttered slices of rye bread. Put 2-4 slices of marble cheese on it. Place the buttered side on the pen ubtil golden brown. flip. wait till golden brown. turn off stove and use a spatula to flip grilled cheese and take it off the pan. -Enjoy MelodicFlower

Can you take Advil after 2 beers?

you can but it's just adding to the torture to your stomach. have a grilled cheese if your trying to prevent a hangover. it works like hell.

How long does it take to make mozzarella cheese?

Some websites claim to be able to make it in 30 minutes but is usually made in around 1-2 hours,certain sites can show how to make mozerella cheese such as

How long does it take to make the mac and cheese?

When I make mac and cheese from scratch it takes about an hour.20 minutes to boil the macaroni (add 30 minutes if I make fresh pasta)20 minutes to make the cheese sauce (while the macaroni is boiling)about 10 minutes of prep work.and 30 minutes to bake the mac and cheese (Maccheroni e formaggio)

How much cheese does it take to make cheesecake?

you use cream cheese not regular cheese

How do you make a grilled cheese sandwhich?

OK here is my favorite way to make a grilled cheese sandwhich. well the first thing i do is to cook some bacon in a pan and when done put it on a plate with a paper towel on it.then you take 2 slices of bread (any kind ) and butter each slice on 1 side only. Then you put one slice on, put the cheese (any kind) on the slice in the pan then you break up the bacon in bite sized pieces and then put the other slice on. Finally you flatten the sandwhich on the skillet and then wait until each side is a light golden brown. And i always make some soup to go with it like chicken noodle,tomato, or broccoli and cheese. This is what i call the dramamommi way

How do you make a simple grilled cheese sandwich?

Well, you first start out with two pieces of bread. next you are going to add a good amount of butter to each side. then you will simply put one slice of bread in a pan and then add the cheese. next you will add the other piece of bread on top. take out of pan when cooked.

How long does it take for a piece of cheese to mold?

Depends; if it's a soft cheese it will mold quicker than hard cheese. Soft cheese may take around a couple of weeks, hard cheese will take around 4 weeks.

How long does it take cheese to mold?

it takes about a week for any cheese to mold

How long take for mozzarella cheese to mold?

It doesn't take long for Mozzarella cheese to grow mold . It has Lots of moisture so it will last about 10 days out of fridge.

How long does it typically take to make cheesecake?

It depends on the type of cheesecake you are looking to make. The most simplest cheese cake takes around thirty to forty minutes to create. Others may take longer.

How long does it take cheese to melt in the sun?

It depends on the type of cheese, and the surface it is on and how hot it is and where it is.

How long does it take for cheese to have mold?

about a week depending on the type of cheese and the temperature of the surrounding area the cheese is in

How long does it take to make a toasted cheese sandwich?

About 3-7 minutes, depending upon the level of heat. If your bread burns before your cheese melts, the heat's too high. I've been mulling this question over, and I think it's like Einstein's theory of relativity. Einstein explained his theory this way: If you sit on a hot stove a minute, it seems like an hour. If you sit next to a pretty girl an hour, it seems like a minute. I think a grilled cheese sandwich takes a very short time if you want someone else to do it for you. It takes a long time if you're hungry and you have to do it yourself.

How many hours does it take to make cheese?

It depends if you also want to cut the cheese . . .

How long does it take cheddar cheese to mold?

it takes 72 years for cheddar cheese to mold

How do you make fingers?

take cheese and eat it

How long does it take to grill fajitas on charcoal grill?

The chicken (if that is what you are using for meat) must be grilled until the juices run clear, and the tortillas are grilled until warm to hot with good grill markings.

How long does it take to digest cheese in the human body?

It can take 4-6 hours to digest cheese because of its' high fat content.