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How long does it take to receive a settlement offer after returning to work?

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Depends on the court, state & procedures for whatever settlement you are talking about.

2006-07-29 12:13:50
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Q: How long does it take to receive a settlement offer after returning to work?
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How long does it take to receive workers comp settlement check?

In the state of Illinios once you accept an settlement offer how long does it take before you should receive a check?

How long does it take to receive money after an arbitration settlement?


How long does it take to receive court settlement?

23 days

How long does it tales in NH to receive a divorce decree after filing settlement with court?

about two weeks

How long does it take insurance companies to offer second settlement offers?

It's just up to the company. They may or may not make a second offer, depending on whether they are going to stand firm on the first offer as a fair and adequate settlement or not.

If you accept a workman's comp settlement offer how long will it be before you get the check?

it should be about 2 weeks.

How long after mmi and impairment rating is an offer of settlement made in Alabama?

mine almost 3 months

How long does it take to receive a settlement in a car crash?

These things are seldom done quickly. It can take several years.

How long will a beneficiary receive payments under the single life settlement option?

Until the insured age 100

How long do you have before returning items at Sports Direct?

usually 28 days anything after that if item hasn't been used they will offer a gift, as they can't offer you cash back.

How long does it take to receive an insurance settlement from my attorney after you've agreed to a settlement?

It depends on the company. If you had an injury claim, you usually have to wait until your treatment is done. Ours wasn't paid out for 4 months.

What was the settlement that the French built on the St Lawrence in the 1630's?

Once the French discovered St. Lawrence and all it had to offer, it didn't take them long to settle the area. The settlement was called Quebec.

How long until you receive your settlement check from your attorney?

The insurance companies by law have 30 days to process the check and send it to the law firm.

Can a settlement offer be made to a credit atty after a judgment has been filed?

Of course it happens all the time e.g. the tobacco cases. So long as the parties are willing to accept a settlement and the monies are available then there shouldn't be a problem.

How long does it take to receive your settlement check in the mail after i sign the agreement in Wisconsin?

It can take up to thirty days after the claim has been filed and settled for the check to arrive.

Can a settlement deed be revoked by any court?

No settlement ( except conditional settlement ) ,deed can be revoked by an court whatsoever as long as the settlement was done as per law in force at the time of settlement.

How long does state farm insurance company have to settle a house claim?

All Licensed Insurance Companies have to settle their submitted claims in accordance with the regulations as promulgated by the Department of Insurance in the state in which the claim occurred. In most U.S. states an insurer is required to make a reasonable settlement offer within 60 days barring extenuating circumstances such as a widespread disaster. Another mitigating factor on the 60 days is when the insured disagrees with the settlement offer. Remember though, The company only has to make a reasonable offer, If you disagree with the settlement offer then that automatically extends the amount of time it can take to settle. So it really just depends on your state regulations as to specific claims settlement and requirements.

How long did Jacques Cartier's settlement last?

His settlement lasted 1 year according to my sources.

Can a settlement deed executed in India be revoked by court?

No settlement deed can be revoked by any court as long as the settlement was made according to the law in force at the time and place the settlement was made.

How long from the settlemant conference do you get your money if you accept the offer?

That is a matter which should be (or should have been) determined at the time the settlement was reached. If not, contact your attorney OR the attorney handling the other party's affairs.

How long after injury can you expect a settlement offer?

It depends on when the doctor releases you to MMI and if you are given a PPD rating. Claims can go on for months or years. There is no way to put an exact time limit on them.

Amica Insurance in North Dakota?

Amica insurance does offer insurance in the state of North Dakota. They are full service insurance carrier and offer auto, home, life, renters, disability, retirement, long term care, structured settlement, and condo insurance.

What is workmans comp settlement scale for rotator cuff surgery?

The workman's comp settlement scale for rotator cuff surgery depends on a variety of factors including how long the employee is off work and how serious the injury is. In general, employees can expect to receive two-thirds of their salary for this type of injury.

If you settle for less amount on back taxes with the IRS can you still make payments?

If you make an Offer in Compromise with the IRS, there are generally three options: 1. Cash Offer: Pay 20% up front when you submit the Offer. The remaining must be paid within five months of written acceptance. 2. Short Term Deferred Offer: You make monthly payments for 24 months of the amount you offer. Note that you must make the first monthly payment when you submit the offer, and you must continue making monthly payments while the IRS is considering the offer. If the IRS rejects your offer, they keep the money and it is applied towards what you owe. 3. Long Term Deferred Offer: You make monthly payments for however long is remaining on the 10 year statute of limitations. Note that the option you choose will change your settlement, because the IRS calculates each one slightly different. The cash offer will be the lowest settlement.

How long does it take for individual to receive cash from a lawsuit?

Terms of your settlement will be worked out with the lawyers, both the plaintiffs and defendants, or through the courts. If the case is settled out of court you are far more likely to receive money quickly than if the case is decided by a judge or jury. In these cases there are often long and complicated appeals which can tie up verdicts for years.