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How long does it take you to freeze to death?


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Depending on body size, percentage of said persons body fat, if clothing is worn, what type of clothing, what the temperature the environment is, what age the person is, what environment it is i.e. ( water, snow, ice, general cold etc.) The human body is remarkable in the way that it compensates for so many things until all reserves are used up. Cold water robs the body's heat 32 times faster than cold air. Swimming or treading water will greatly increase heat loss and can shorten survival time by more than 50%. Scary stuff huh? Heres a little chart for you that might help:

Water Temperature

Exhaustion or Unconsciousness in:

Expected Survival Time:

70-80° F (21-27° C)

3-12 hours

3 hours - indefinitely

60-70° F (16-21° C)

2-7 hours

2-40 hours

50-60° F (10-16° C)

1-2 hours

1-6 hours

40-50° F (4-10° C)

30-60 minutes

1-3 hours

32.5-40° F (0-44° C)

15-30 minutes

30-90 minutes

<32° F (<0° C)

Under 15 minutes

Under 15-45 minutes AFJROTC Survival Camp Training

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