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it lasts for a month or so :)

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Q: How long does kool aid hair dye last in blonde hair?
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How long will Kool aid dye stay in your hair?

If your naturally hair. If you dye your hair with kool-aid. Blonde for a month. Brown for 2-3 weeks. Black for 2 days. Be careful, don't take it longer. It's look cool for your hair.

How long does demi perminant dye last in blonde hair?

Depends on how many times you wash your hair.

How long does kool aid stay in natural blonde hair?

It depends how long you keep the dye in for & how often you take a shower. I take a shower everyday and I put red dye in my hair for an hour and it lasted 8months

What will people look like in the future?

you will have long dark hair if your blonde , long blonde hair if your dark haired.

How long does koolaid last in your hair?

it really all is about the color and how much kool aid mixture u put in and how long you let it set.

What type of hair does Taylor swift have?

she has thin long blonde hair (:

What color is Ali's hair?

Ali's hair is blonde and long.... lol

How long does a kool aid dye job last?

It depends on your hair type. If it is virgin hair it may last about a week or two. You may see a small hue of color every now and then. However since it's temporary normally it last from shampoo to shampoo, however I put kool-aid in my hair years ago and it lasted a long time. My hair held the color well and I was happy when it was gone. For future reference just get you a temporary hair color and apply it to you hair.

I have dirty blonde hair and I am going to get the tips of my hair dyed bleach blonde and streaks in my bangs at a professional salon how long will this last?

When you bleach your hair, you are stripping all the colour out of it. There's no way for the color to come back in, therefore, it will last forever. (or atleast until you cut it off.)

What was Aphrodite's hair like?

long and curly blonde

How do you say long blonde hair in french?

blonde means blond(e) in french.

How long does dip dye hair with kool aid last?

I did it once and lasted like 3 days. If you have lighter hair it'll last longer or if you don't wash your hair so much but ultimately I would look at a week at the most

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