Best Answer After giving birth, how long will she continue to bleed? Bright red blood should stop within a day or two and should be minimal. Darker blood (almost a brownish) can continue from 2 to 3 weeks.

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Q: How long does or should a dog bleed after giving birth to a litter?
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Are CATS ment to bleed 2 days after giving birth to a litter of kittens?

It is normal for a mother cat to bleed two days after giving birth. This bleeding can occur for up to a week postpartum.

Should cats bleed two days after giving birth to kittens?

definitely not, a cat should only bleed a little while giving birth

Does dog bleed while giving birth?

yes dogs do all animals bleed when giving birth

Do dolphins bleed after giving birth?

Yes,they do bleed

How long do dogs bleed after giving birth to a litter?

They don't bleed. This happens with humans too. When the baby develops, there is blood, mucus, and other bodily fluids floating around the womb. When the baby or litter is born, the liquid is all over the baby.

How long do a dog bleed after birth?

how long do a dog suppose to bleed after giving birth?

Is it normal for dog to bleed prior to giving birth?

yes it is dogs bleed when they are giving birth or when they get pregnet i dont know why buy my friends dog did bleed and a lot of other dogs i know bleed

Will a guinea pig bleed before giving birth?

not before giving birth, mabye during or after

How long does a cat continue to bleed after giving birth?

They can bleed for 3-5 days after giving birth. It is not uncommon for the bleeding to continue for up to 7 days.

It normal for a yorkie to bleed after giving birth?


Do female hamsters bleed before giving birth?


Does guinea pigs bleed before giving birth?

Only a little bit. But more while she is giving birth.

Is it normal for a dog to bleed after giving birth to puppies?

Yes they should bleed for a few days if longer than 5 days you will need to call your vet.

Is it normal for a dog to bleed before giving birth?

It is normal for a dog to bleed before giving birth. Another sign of labor could be temperature drop of 98F-99F.

Is it normal for a cat to bleed after giving birth?

Each cat is different, just like humans but almost every cat,with her first litter will have a bit of should not be a lot ,but she might leave an occasional blood spots wherever she is sitting,but should clear up after a few days. my cat gave birth yesterday after she gave birth of all of the kittens she bleed a bit . i think two table spoons. don't worry she's fine but it should be a lot of blood.

How long do you bleed after giving birth?

Depends on the person and how many children you have had already

What is causing your female hamster to bleed from her vagina?

If she bleeds there after giving birth it is normal.

How long will a cow bleed after giving birth?

A cow shouldn't be bleeding after giving birth. She may have a torn uterus, so you'd better get the vet out ASAP.

Is seven days too long for a dog to bleed after giving birth?

It should be fine. See this answer here:

Why shouldn't a dog bleed more then two days after giving birth?

so it wont die

Is it normal to have a period 2 weeks after giving birth?

It is very normal for you to bleed after birth. Usually the only time you won't right away is if you are breast feeding. Once you start to bleed you are likely to bleed for 4-6 weeks straight.

Why do cuts made in sea water bleed more?

the bleed more cause macicial creatures put their sperm inside of the cut therefore they bleed more because you are really giving birth.

Is a hamster giving birth when it has a bloody bottom?

The stupid hamster's but will bleed and get a scar for the rest of its life By: mahad

When does a dog stop bleeding after giving birth?

It's common for a dog to bleed for weeks after giving birth as her uterus contracts and she goes back to normal. As long as all the placenta's were accounted for and there is no foul odor, everything is normal. That said, a dog that has given birth should be examined by a vet within 24 hours.

Is it normal for your dog to bleed from her anus after giving birth a few days later?

No, your dog should have no abnormal discharge from her anus after giving birth. However, she may have some small amounts of discharge from her vulva as she finishes cleaning out the remnants of the pregnancy structures over the course of a few days.