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Q: How long does the average quail live?
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How long can baby quail live without food?

not long

How big are Quail?

The average quail weighs about 14 ounces up to about one pound. They also average about 10 to 11 inches long.

Can rabbits and quail live together?

yes as long as you are not breeding the rabbits or quail they should get along well

How long do bobwhite quail live?

2-4 years

What kind of a place does a quail live?

A quail live in grassy areas.

How long does the California Quail live?

In the wild they will live from around 4 - 5 years. The oldest lived California Quail known was 6 years and 11 months.

What is a quail and where does it live?

a quail is a type of bird (like a chicken) and they live on ground.

What species of quail live near Kanab Utah?

Gambel's quail live down there.

Do quail live in Antarctica?


Where does a covey of quail live?

Quail nest in tall grasses and are ground foragers. They prefer sparse grasses in Long-leaf Pine forests on sand ridges.

How long can a quail live?

Probably up to 7 years, 14 if it's kept in captivity.

Can quail and bantams live together?

Bantams and Quail live well together and Bantams make excellent surrogate mothers for quail chicks and will teach them to be aware of predators.

Do quail live in the desert?


Does a quail live in nc?


Do quail live in nests?

yes they do

What is the average size of a quail egg?


What is the average weight of quail?

Around 200g

Where does quail live?

Different species of quail can be found throughout the United States and other countries depends on what type of quail you are asking about...

Can bob white quail live with button quail?

no, the bobwhites will bully the button and stop them from eating.

What is the difference between chicken eggs and quail eggs?

Quail eggs are much smaller than an average chicken egg and the quail eggs are spotted.

Where do quail live?

They like weedy areas.

What continents do quail live in?

north america

Do bob white quail live even if their incubators is to or or cold?

It depends how hot or cold and how long they have been in that condition.

What is the life expectancy of a quail?

6.9 years (average)

How long can you freeze quail?

3 days