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Small businesses can last anywhere from six months to 100 years. The better question would be, "why do businesses fail?" In this way you can limit the threats to successful business. Some reasons why businesses fail are as follows.

* Lack of a written plan * Lack of a mentor or coach to advise * Lack of business education * Lack of sufficient start-up finance * Starting a business for the wrong reasons * Lack of good management skills * Poor location * Insufficient knowledge of internal and external driving forces that affect a business in either a positive or negative way. * Lack of understanding the competition

* Lack of appropriate advertising Understand and analyze the strengths, weakness, opportunities, and treats of your business. It's called a SWOT analysis. The objective is the maximize the strengths and opportunities, while minimizing the weaknesses and threats.

It takes educating yourself. Small business today is not like the mom and pop stores of years ago. Change occurs very rapidly today, and you have to give yourself every advantage, but you cannot do this without appropriate education and guidance.

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Q: How long does the average small business last?
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