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It's a good idea that the mother keeps nursing her young pups until the pups are 6 to 8 weeks old. This way puppies will get a good start on life.

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How long does a poodle female puppy have her period for?

i dont think poodle puppies have their period but i honestly don't know

How long does it take poodle puppies to open their eyes after birth?

A poodle puppy opens his/her eyes at 3 weeks

How long does the puppies nurse on the mother?

About 4 weeks.Then the puppies get teeth that hurts the mother.

How long shoukld poodle puppies stay with mom?

all puppies should stay with their mom for at least 8 weeks (2 months)

How long do you have to wait after the puppies are born to bath the mother?

until puppies are able to eat wet dog food (estimate: i month old)

How do you know if your poodle is pregnant?

The safest and most accurate way if you are inexperienced, would be to take your poodle to your veterinarian, he or she can tell you how far long she is and when you can expect your dog to have her puppies.

How long before puppies can leave their mother?

Puppies have to be atleast 1 month old before they leave their mother.

How long should puppies be with their mother?

Puppies should stay with their mothers about six weeks.

How long do the puppies have to stay where they were born?

It is suggested that puppies stay with there mother as long as it takes for them to be able to eat food other then the mothers milk on their own, usually around 6-8 weeks.

How long are puppies normally with their mother?

8 weeks.

How long do people need to keep newborn dockson puppies?

If the puppies are with the mother then you should keep them with her until 8 weeks of age. The mother will instinctively wean the puppies on her own, but you may need to help her by removing her from the puppies. The puppies can technically be taken away after 6 weeks, but the longer the puppies are with the mother the better because they will learn from their mother.

How long do puppies stay with their mothers?

Puppies should stay with their mother for eight to ten weeks. They nurse from their mother for six weeks and need time to socialize with their mother and litter mates.

How many days do they carry the puppies?

If you are saying how long the mother Carry's her puppies its 9 weeks or a little longer

How long after a puppy is born do you have to wait until you can take a puppy away from the mother?

puppies can be away from their mothers at the age of 9 weeks

How long will puppies have to drink milk from the mother?

6-8 weeks

How long do the puppies have to stay with the mother?

8-12 weeks at the earliest.

How long will puppies be old enough to leave their mother?

8 months

How long will puppies feed on mother at feedings?

5-6 weeks

How old poodles have to be before they get sold?

Poodle puppies must be fully weaned from their mothers and able to eat and drink on their own before they are considered to be sold. Puppies can be sold as long as they are 8 weeks or older.

How long do puppies nurse off there mother?

They should be with there mother for at least the first 8 weeks of there life :0

How long does a poodle live?

Miniature Poodle (14.8) Toy Poodle (14.4) Standard Poodle (12.0)

Is it smart to let the dog mother leave the puppies?

t's not recommended but as long as someone is watching the puppies and its only for like 4 mins.

How long until puppies are born?

9 weeks

How long does a dog care for a puppy?

A mother dogs cares for her puppy or puppies until 6 weeks, then they must be fully weened from their mother by then, but puppies should still stay with their mother until at least 8 weeks, we just got another litter of puppies, so I would know.

Is it okay to move puppies as soon as they are born?

Yes. Just as long as you keep the mother with her pups,obviously. It depends on the mother dog. More specifically, on how much she trusts you. Some mother dogs will ignore puppies who have been handled by someone. It's best not to touch or move newborn pups unless it's absolutely necessary.

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