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how ;long does it take a cargo ship to sail from the Panama canal to los angeles

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Q: How long for a cargo ship to sail from panama to Los Angeles?
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What canal in Central America would you sail to get from New York to Los Angeles?

That would be the Panama Canal.

How long does it take cargo ships to sail from Japan to Vancouver?

A long time!

How long did it take to sail around south America before panama canal?

about 4 months

How long would it take to sail from Miami to Los Angeles?

2 hours

How long does it take a sail boat to sail from Florida to California?

Via the Panama Canal would shave some time off of the normal route, around the Horn.

How did the panama canal benefit ships traveling between the east and coasts of the US?

Take a look at a map. Then think about how much shorter it is to sail from New York to Los Angeles if you can go through Panama/Central America instead of having to go all the way down by Brazil and up by Chile to get to Los Angeles.

How long does it take a cargo ship to sail from Germany to England?

four hours and 25 mins is the record to date.

What were some alternatives to the Panama Canal?

Either to ship your cargo by land (by train across the United States, for example) or to sail all the way around South America, a voyage that could take months.

How long does it take for a cargo ship to sail from New York to Dubai?

It looks like it takes 25-35 days.

Where did vasco de Balboa sail?


Did Balboa sail from panama to Peru?


How long does it take a ship to sail from new york to san francisco?

5,200 miles or 3 weeks through the panama canal

How long to sail from Los Angeles to Hawaii in 42 ft sailboat?

Anywhere from 3 weeks to a month depending on weather.

How long does it take to take sail from Los Angeles to new york?

approx 3 hours depnding on ocean current

When did the first ship sail across the panama canal?

uss ancon

What would be the shortest way for a ship to sail Peru to Haiti?

The Panama Canal would be the shortest way for a ship to sail Peru to Haiti.

Is Panama CoC accepted by the Indian government?

No, you can have the rank cdc on the behalf of a Panama CoC nor the COE that means a Panama CoC holder candidate cannot sail on a Indian flag vessel.

Can giant cargo ships sail into canals?

Depends how big the canal and ship are.

Why does Panama's geographic location make it important?

The Panama Canal is centrally located in the Americas and decrease the time needed to sail around South America.

How did the ships pass from the Atlantic to the pacific before the panama canal was built?

Ships sail all the way around the South American continent to get from one ocean to the other. Sometimes cargo was off loaded in Costa Rica and shipped across the isthmus but ships had to go around.

How long does it take a cargo ship to sail from England to Ghana?

Depending on the exact type of ship and whether it stopped anywhere on route, time would average 11 days

Which newly-opened landmark did President Theodore Roosevelt sail to in 1906?

Panama Canal

What made it easier for ships to sail to California from the east coast?

The opening of the Panama Canal.

What year did Balboa set sail to the isthmus of Panama?

Balboa sailed from Spain in 1500.

What direction does a ship sail when travelling through the panama canal to the pacific ocean?


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