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Cobra Insurance has been operating since 2006. Cobra Insurance is a firm of insurance brokers and was formed by a merger in 2006 of two previous companies.

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Q: How long has Cobra Insurance been operating for?
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How long can I maintain Cobra Insurance after I lose my job?

You can maintain Cobra Insurance for about 18 months. The stimulus package that passed last year also enables greatly reduced fees for continuing health insurance coverage under COBRA.

How long does it take for your insurance to expire after your discharge from your job?

18-36 months, per COBRA. this is not the same as employer-covered insurance. Please research COBRA.

Had cobra insurance but it ended now have no insurance?

If your COBRA continuation of insurance ended, it depends on why it ended and how long ago it ended. For lack of payment or fraud, you may not be offered a conversion policy. If the COBRA duration period elapsed, you should get a notice about your conversion rights, as long as you were HMO or PPO (not self funded).

How long does a persons previous employer have to offer cobra insurance?

Eighteen months.

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How long is cobra insurance good for?

It's 18 months. If you are in CA, you can continue for another 18 months. Agent at

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Benefits of Cobra Insurance?

Cobra is health insurance that covers you for a brief time. For example, if you leave one job and don't start another for several months, Cobra would cover you during the time between jobs. Cobra is fairly expensive, but will save you money in the long run because it prevents a lapse in coverage. Health insurers give preference to individuals who have been covered continuously. Cobra will prevent your next insurer from attaching a pre-existing condition clause to your policy. This clause allows them to deny treatment for any condition you had before their policy became effective.

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