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Harley Davidson has been making sportster motorcycles for 26 years now honet boo!!!


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Definately had to be the sportster. They're everywhere.

Between 550 and 590 lbs, depending on the model

That's not a complete sentence, but the Sportster was introduced as a replacement for the K Model in 1957.

XL is the first two letters in the model code for a Sportster.

I am not aware that there was any special edition of the Model 165 in 1955 from Harley Davidson, although you could certainly get that bike with some special or additional parts. In 1953, the Harley Davidson Model 165 replaced the S-125 model.

FXR=Harley-Davidson Super Glide motorcycle model

HARLEY- DAVIDSON..4A is model xlch 1000 (sportster) 27215 is sequential made......h=(71-79) 7= 1977

Depends on the model. Please be more specific.

Harley-Davidson stopped making 2-stroke models domestically in 1966 (the final model was the Bobcat) and the last imported 2-stroke Harley-Davidsons were made in 1978 by Aermacchi of Italy. No Harley-Davidson models manufactured since then require mixing oil with their gasoline.

Chances are the XL or Sportster is #1 simply due to the fact the bike has been produced and sold since 1957 with no gaps in production.

There was 8368 2005 Harley-Davidson Sportster's made. The 2005 model year was one of the best years for the Harley-Davidson Corporation.

depends on model and condition

It's a 2000 Harley FXD Dyna Super Glide.

The Harley-Davidson electives can be added to your Motorcycle core program. Youll learn to troubleshoot, repair and maintain Harley-Davidson bikes through the Late Model Elective and you'll learn about older Harley motorcycles if you add the Early Model Elective.

Depends on the model, Softail is on the rear fender under the seat. Sportster is on the back side of the ignition module Dressers are in a slot at the back of hte battery box.

The Ironhead Sportster line of Harley Davidson motorbikes has been produced since 1957. Several other variations on this model have been made in the time since.

well maybe,, depends on which model ur talking about, sportster, softail, touring, etc..Not every rim would fit on every bike. most, if not all, wheels from 89-99 bikes are different than newer 2005 wheels,

I BELIEVE the first model year for the Ford F-150 Harley Davidson Edition was the ( 2000 )

What differentiates the "Fat Bob" model of the Harley Davidson Motorcycle line of motorcycles, is the size of the the gas tank of this particular model.

It was an 2000 series XLCH. For non-motorcycle people that's a Harley Davidson SportsterActually it was a modern Softail Springer with a Sportster tank and add on parts to make it look vintage(the "kickstart" was connected to the frame): model/new Harley Springer Softtail with aftermarket handlebars. Rear seat either custom or Royal Enfield. Aftermarket kickstart kits for big EVO's are available, which appeared functional in the movie, but special exhaust pipes are needed to route around it. New/late model Harley Sportster gas tank with 1950's original tank badges.

Here's the website:

ducati This answer is so wrong... it's a 66 Harley Davidson

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