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Q: How long has Louis Walsh lived in crofton?
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How long did Louis Tomlinson live in doncaster?

Louis' lived in Doncaster until 2010 after The X Factor when he started to live in London for his career.

Louis Walsh How long have you been on X factor?

He's been around for all 6 series but briefly quit before Season 4 then was brought back.

How may brothers or sisters has Louis Walsh?

There were 9 children altogether in Louis's family. There's Louis, Frank, Paul, Noel, Sarah, Maurine, Joe, Padraig and I don't know the last name. I was talking to Noel today as I'm doing work experience at his wife's horse-riding business :) Sarah Walsh is a nurse and she cared for me when I was in hospital a few ears back and Joe used to live with my parents in America in the 1990's :) Sorry for the really long answer - hope it helps :)

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