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As long as the King lived a Royalist threat would exist insisting on his return to the throne.

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Q: Robespierre says Louis must die that the country can live which means?
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When did robespierre live?

Maximilien Robespierre lived from 1758 to 1794.

Where did Robespierre live?

Arras (north of France)

What did King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette have to do with robespierre?

Maximilien Robespierre was an influential member of the Committee of Public Safety and was instrumental in the period of the Revolution commonly known as the Reign of Terror that ended with his arrest and execution in 1794. Robespierre was the person that demanded Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette to die and plead for their deaths in court. He said in the courtroom: "Louis must die, so that the country may live." Eventually, he has gone so far in killing so many people during the revolution, that the French eventually turned against him. Robespierre was guillotined without a trial (!!) in the Place de la Révolution and he was the only man ever to be guillotined face-up, so he could see the blade fall at him. He had screamed when the blade fell and therefore his jaw was stuck to his neck (the blade cut right through his mouth).

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