How many people live in German?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Maymie Goyette

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Approximately 700,001 Germans live in the country Australia

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Maeve Christiansen

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Q: How many people live in German?
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How many people are German and how many people are not German?

In Germany live 82 million people. 15.58 million (19%) in Germany are not German.

Do German People live in Machions?

not many

How many German people live in Australia?

Approximately 700,001 Germans live in the country Australia

Is German spoken in Paris?

No, as Paris is in France, they speak french. In Alsace they know how to talk German, as many of the people who live there work in Germany.

What do you call people who live in Germany?

People who live in Germany are called Germans

How people live in Berlin Germany?

3416300 people live in Berlin Germany

How many people in Denmark speak German?

It is difficult to get an accurate number. There is a German minority of approximately 15,000 people who live in Denmark. German along with English are the two main foreign languages that students learn in school.

How do people live in German towns?

Just the way we did :)

Do thay live in greektown or Germany?

do German people live in greektown or Germany

Do most German people live in rural or urban areas?

They Live at Nazi Camp

What are the largest German towns?

The largest German town in the us is cincinnat Ohio since many German immigrants live there

Are all the people that live in the german city of Berlin native germans?