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for ages Yes, if you were born yesterday.

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What is Internet expolorer used for?

Internet Explorer is an internet program, allowing you to browse the internet and view websites, as long as you have Wi-Fi internet connection.

Why is copper used in households so much?

Copper is used so much in households because we need it for a lot of things like your charger,telephones and much more..

How long has cotton been used?

Cotton has been 'used' as long as cotton has grown upon the Earth.

Which Engine used more and why?

If Engine is referring to search engine its Google inc. because they are really popular because they've been on the Internet a long time.

The energy form most commonly used in households is?


How long has natural gas been used?

hi natural gas has been used for a really long time

Is internet Explorer a legitimate product?

Internet Explorer is a very legitimate product. It has been used for many many years and is the most used and well known internet page there is to find and use.

How long has street dance been used for?

it has been used for 41 years

How long have wheels been used?

Wheels have been used for about 5,000 years.

What logos have been used by Microsoft Internet Explorer?

Microsoft has used five logos for MS Internet explorer. Checkout the related link to see images.

Can Febreze kill you?

When used as directed by the manufacturer, Febreze is safe to use and will not kill you. It has been declared to be safe to use in households where cats and dogs are also present.

How long has cement been used?

It was first used in ancient rome. its been used since then

How long has man used crude oil for energy?

how long has oil been used for

How long are legos used for?

if you mean how long theve been used then about 51 yers

How long have rivers been used?

The rivers have bean used fur a long time!

How long has the telescope been used?

The telescope has been used for over 100 years!!!

How long has it been used in making bread?

"It" has always been used in making bread.

What are the advantages of internet data storage?

The advantages of internet data storage are that you can access the internet from anywhere in the world as long as you can get an internet connection.Internet data storage is an innovative option that can be used by individuals and businesses.

Why was it harder for female slaves to escape than male slaves?

The females were used in the households taking care of the children and the households and the males were used in the open fields working the farms. even though some female slaves were used for that purpose.

How long has salt been used?

it was used untill 1943

How much water is used when flushing a toilet?

25% of A households water usage is used flushing the toilet.

What type of electrical current is usually used in households?

Alternating electrical current is usually used in household.

How long has neon been used?

Neon has been used for commercial lighting since about 1910.

How are the noble gases used in industry and households?

Most common use is in lighting.

What is the most common used technology gadgets in South African households?