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Approximately how long have mosquitos been around?

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Q: How long have mosquitoes been around?
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How big do mosquitoes get?

Some 'mosquitoes' can reach around an inch long with a two inch wingspan, but these 'mosquitoes' that have been spotted are most likely a similar species, the crane fly.

How long are mosquitoes?

mosquitoes are half of an inch long.

Why mosquitoes will breed in the pail of water?

yes, if the water has been left for a long time, if not no :)

What summertime pest has been around for about 210 million years?

Mosquitoes have been around for a long time. They are just as strong today as they were when the dinosaurs roamed the planet. Many scientists believe that mosquitoes originated in South Africa and have evolved into about 2,700 different species. Many people from Minnesota call the mosquito the "state bird."

What is gambusia?

A small livebearing fish that does not eat mosquitoes. They are a pest around the world where they have been introduced because people mistakenly believed that they would control mosquitoes.

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How can you check the growth of mosquitoes around us?

we can check the growth of mosquitoes around us by using all out

How long has cyberbullying been around?

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When were mosquitoes discovered?

Mosquitoes have been around for about 46 million years. It's not exactly known when they were discovered. At the end of 2013, experts found a fossilized mosquito in Montana.

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