Cats (Felines)

How long have people had cats as pets?

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Did people in the 1800s have cats as pets?

Some did, but some hated cats.

Do cats get jealous?

Yes, cats can indeed get jealous; of other cats, pets, people, children, or things. Cats have emotions just like people do.

How did cats became pets?

All pets are domesticated creatures, so they are able to live in a home with humans which we call pets, cats first were pets and domesticated in Egypt and people would smuggle them out of Egypt and that is how there are cats all over the world.

Why do people like cats for pets?

Cat's are chill,

How much people have cats or dogs as pets?


What kind of pets do German people have?

They have dogs and cats.

What pets do people own in Chile?

dogs, cats...the ussual pets that in the united states can have

What is a mammal that people keep as pets?

Dogs and cats are the most common mammal pets.

Why do the greek people like cats?

Yes, Greek people do like cats very much. Greek people even have cats as pets for their homes and farms.

What kind of pets do Japanese people have?

Popular pets in Japan include cats, dogs, and fish.

What pets pets do they have in modern Egypt?

Mostly cats because a long time ago they used worship cats like they were their god because there were a lot of stray cats around there and they are still there today

What kind of pets do people have in India?

Generally Dogs & Cats

Name me some pets that that people can have?

Dogs, cats, rabbits

What kind of pets do Swedish people have?

Dogs, cats, and mabey the odd chicken. Those sort of pets.

Who were the first people to keep cats as pets?

Ancient Civilizations domesticated cats. So during ancient Egypt times there were cats.

Do people have lions has pets?

Lions can't be pets. People don't have lions as pets. Lions belong in the zoo. Lions are wildcats. Only at home cats can be as pets. Lions are from the African Jungle.

What is the difference between a house cat and a bobcat?

House cats are cats that are pets bobcats are a species of big cat that live in the wild they are closer related to the leopard and other big cats rather than the cats people have as pets

Are cats kept as pets?

Nope. The only cats that I know that are kept as pets are lions and lynx cats.

When did people start keeping pets?

Egyptians first domesticated cats

What pets do people buy most?

Dogs, cats, fish, or birds

How many people in the USA own cats as pets?

Nearly 70 million households own pets. There are approximately 90 million cats in American households today.

Did people have pets in ancient Egypt?

Yes. They had cats and dogs. The main people who would probably have many pets would be the pharoe's wife.

What do they use cats for?

A lot of people use cats for pets like house cats. Cats like lions and tigers are used in a circus and things like that.

When cats started to get abandoned?

Cats have been abandoned by careless owners as long as cats have been pets. The modern era has no monopoly on animal cruelty.

Are cats considered dirty animals?

Some people don't really understand cats. They think cats are vicious and dirty but only WILD cats are. Pets are not dirty but some people don't like them in the house because they drop fur everywhere. Cats considered as pets are not mean. Unless they are stray or have been abandoned.

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