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they have been famous for 4 years

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How long have the Jonas brothers been working together?

The Jonas Brothers are actual blood brothers who sing and perform together. They formed their band in 2005 in Wyckoff, New Jersey.

How long does it take a drop of oil to evaporate?

No but I love Jonas Brothers!!!!!!No but I love Jonas Brothers!!!!!!No but I love Jonas Brothers!!!!!!

How long have the Jonas Brothers been recording?

Well their father has been recording since 1969.

Do the Jonas Brothers have a TV show?

the Jonas brothers have a show on Disney channel called Jonas it is 30 minutes long

How long have the Jonas brothers been making hits?

For years nobody knows the exact time

How long were they the Jonas Brothers?

... since they were born. but they gave their band the name the Jonas brothers after Disney gave them a contract

How long will the Jonas Brothers movie be out for?

The JOnas Brothers movie will be in theaters for 1 week only. Get the tickets while they last!

Are the Jonas Brothers straight at all?

Yes, all the Jonas Brothers are straight. Kevin Jonas is even engaged to his long time girlfriend Danielle Deleasa.

How long are the Jonas brothers?

in what way long? dirty dirty girll!

Who is the weirdest Jonas brother?

no one they all r great.live long Jonas brothers

What are the Jonas Brothers songs called?

The Jonas Brothers have TONS of songs. It takes to long to name them but their albums areIt's About TimeJonas BrothersA Little Bit LongerLines,Vines,and Trying Times

How long have the Jonas brothers been in their band?

since 2005 so basically 3 years now, almost 4.

How long have Jonas brothers been around?

They have been around since 2006. ~that's when their first album came out~ But Nick was in Broadway in his younger years.

How long are Jonas Brothers songs?

The Jonas brothers songs are on average 3 minutes long. SOS, one of their most known songs, is 2:42 minutes long. Hope that answers your questions

How long is it that the Jonas brothers have been performing?

They have been performing for their family and friends since they were kids but they've been actively performing for audiences since 2005 to the present.

How long is the Jonas Brothers world tour concert?

The Jonas Brothers world tour concert is about 4 hours long, the concerts usually start at 7:00pm and end at 11:00pm.

Jonas brothers Ireland?

Dey had a concert in Dublin not long ago.

How long were the Jonas brothers a band for?

Their whole life, they are a singing family!

Who is Nick Jonas best freind?

Nick's brothers Kevin and Joe Jonas, And long time friend Mandy.

How long did it take for the Jonas brother to sell out in Madison square garden?

10 mins. the person who said 2 hours obviously is not a Jonas Brothers fan and did not watch the Jonas Brothers 3D concert experience

Was the rolling stones magazine telling the truth when they called Jonas brothers emo?

No, they were wrong. The Jonas Brothers are not emo, they just have a punk look. The Rolling Stones justified the Jonas Brothers' skinny jeans and long hair looks for being emo, which is not true.

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