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How long is a boat trip from China to New York?

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Cunard's Queen Mary sails from Hamburg, Germany to New York in 8 days.

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Is there a boat trip from New York to Maine?

yes there is a boat that travels from new york to maine

How much will cost the trip from hamburg to new york with boat?


What is a boat trip?

A boat trip is a trip made by a person on a boat or a ship.

How long is a boat trip from Syria to the US?

it's about 7 days, if you enjoy your boat trip, you can spend more day to visit it.

How long is a boat trip from Glasgow to Orkney?


How long is the boat trip from Asia to England?

50,244 miles

How long is a plane trip from Georgia to China?

A plane trip from Georgia to China is typically 12 to 13 hours, if not more.

What construction project greatly shortened the trip between San Francisco and New York?

The Panama Canal shortened the boat trip between San Francisco and New York.

What is the definition of voyages?

Voyages are going on a long trip by boat for a long pereod of time

How long is a trip to New York?

it depends on where you are

How long did it take to travel in the 1800s from say America to China?

3 to 4 weeks in a boat. it was cold and cramped and often people would grow sick on the trip over

How long does it take to travel to Greece from New York City by boat?

If the boat had an average speed of 40 kp/h the entire trip, it would take between 4-5 days to travel from NYC to Greece.

What was the Production Budget for Boat Trip?

The Production Budget for Boat Trip was $15,000,000.

How long is the boat trip from Seattle to Olympia?

mrtin luthr king had a dream

How long is a bus trip to New York City?

That would depend on where you wished to start your trip from.

What is the duration of Boat Trip film?

The duration of Boat Trip - film - is 1.57 hours.

How long did it take for Chinese to get to California by boat?

It is 7190 miles (6248 nautical miles) from the US to China, in the 1800s you would be traveling by ship, so it would take weeks to make the trip.

What size boat do you need to go from Florida to the Bahamas?

the trip can be made with a 30 feet long Scarab Cuddy Cabin boat

How long does it take for a boat trip from England to Australia?

72 years and 9 months

How long was the boat trip to Australia from Britain in World War 2?

2 weeks

What was the name of the steam boat that made the first successful trip between New York city and Albany and who was on it?

The North River Steamboat (Clermont) made the first trip.

Name of a boat trip company?

name of a boat trip company Try Poshboatz in Peterborough

How much money did Boat Trip gross worldwide?

Boat Trip grossed $14,933,713 worldwide.

When was Boat Trip - film - created?

Boat Trip - film - was created in 2003.

What does go on a trip to China mean?

it means to go on a very long walk