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Philadelphia, PA (PHL) to Sydney (SYD)

Shortest Flight Duration * 21 hours 21 mins * Via Los Angeles International Apt, Los Angeles (LAX)

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Q: How long is a flight from Philadelphia International Airport to Sydney Australia?
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What is the closest international airport to sydney Australia?

Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport - Sydney, Australia (SYD / YSSY).

How many air miles between Tampa FL and Sydney Australia?

9,264 miles from Tampa International Airport to Sydney International Airport.

Distance from Tampa fl to sydney Australia?

9,256 miles Tampa International Airport (TPA) to Sydney Airport (SYD)

Is sydney airport classified as an international airport?

sydney has both a domestic airport and an international one.

How long does it take to fly from ninoy Aquino international airport to sydney international airport?

The flight time from Aquino, Philippines to Sydney, Australia is about 7 hours, 22 minutes.

What is the distance from Sydney Airport to Para Hills Australia?

From Kingsford Smith International Airport in Sydney to Para Hills Australia it is 1,376 km (about 17 hours 23 mins).

How many miles is it to fly from Sydney Australia to San Diego California?

7,510 miles Sydney Airport ( Kingsford Smith Airport) to San Diego International Airport

Is there only one airport in Sydney Australia?

There is only one main commercial and international airport in Sydney. Sydney International Airport is also known as Kingsford Smith or Mascot airport. There is a general aviation airport at Bankstown, but it isn't the main one. See the Web Links to the left.

How many miles is it from Memphis tn to sydney Australia?

The flight distance from Memphis International Airport to Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport is about 9,010 miles.

Flight time from LAX to Sydney Australia?

The average flight time from Los Angeles International Airport to Sydney, Australia is 14 hours, 58 minutes.

What is the airport code for Sydney International Airport?

The IATA Code for Sydney is SYD.

Where is Sydney's biggest airport?

Sydney's Biggest Airport Is The International Airport! :)Ans 2 -Kingsford-Smith International is Sidney's only large airport

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