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1000 years

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Q: How long is a millenium?
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How many years in a millenium?

IOOO years and you can remember it by thinking a millenium is a long word and IOOO is a long number.

How long does it take to get from Cardiff to the Millennium Stadium?

The Millenium Stadium is IN Cardiff!!

What do you call a period of 1000 years?

milleniumA millenium.

Why was the Millenium dome built?

why was the millenium dome buile

How long does it take blackberries to ripen after you start to see green berries?

a millenium

How long is a millennia?

Years decade 10 century 100 millennia/millenium 1000

How many years are in a milleina?

The singular is "millenium"; "millenia" is the plural. "Millenium" means a thousand years.

Why was the millennium dome in England built?

The Millenium Dome in England was build to celebrate the entrance of the 21st century and the start of the second millenium-2000. Hence it was called the "millenium dome"

What is millennium ramp on a paintball gun?

Millenium ramp is the mode used in the Millenium series in Europe. In Millenium ramp you need to hit 8 bps and then it ramps to 15 bps.

What is the youngest bridge in London?

On this day (2013), the newest bridge in London is the Millenium Bridge.It was completed in the year 2000 (the Millenium).

When did the Millenium begin?

Year 2000

How many centuries are in a millenium?


How many years are there in a millenium?


What is the name for a thousand years?

A millenium

What is a millenium?

A millennium is 1000 years.

What does Meleniuma mean in samoan?


What is the meaning of Meleniuma in Samoan?


How many months does a millennium have?

there are 12,ooo months in a millenium. decade = 10 years Century= 100 years Millenium= 1000 years

How many years is a millenium?

1000000 years

How tall is the millenium stadium?

it is as big as my house

What ground to Cardiff city play on?


Which is the most famous spaceship?

millenium falcon

Me in Windows me means?

Windows Millenium Edition

What is another word for 1000 years?

A Millenium.

How many centuries in 8 millenia?

Let's do the math: a millenium is 1,000 years. A century is 100. Eight millenium is 8,000 years, divided by 100, you get 80.