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How long is a real estate appraisal good for?


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A real estate appraisal is good for the effective date of value stated in the report. Appraisals do not forecast real estate values and are not intended to predict unanticipated changes that may influence the reported market value conclusion.


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If by 'this country' you are referring to the United States, then yes, there are many an appraisal school for real estate. A good place to start looking for courses might just be here:

Obtaining a real estate appraisal license will involve building up experience to get the actual license itself. You may have to obtain a trainee license first, and then work in a real estate appraisal office.

"You could get an appraisal on real estate by asking a real estate agency to come to your house and appraise it for you. You will probably have to pay for this service, but it's the best way."

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AI or the Appraisal Institute is a certified educator specializing in real estate appraisal courses. There are several state licensing courses available. Once you have received certification, you can become a real estate appraiser trainee.

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I am having a real estate appraisal soon. How can I improve my home appraisal?

It takes however long it takes you to learn, train and pass your real estate exam. It can be anywhere from 3 months to a year depending on what program or school you attend.

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A real estate appraiser must be unbiased in developing and reporting an opinion of value for real estate. If a real estate appraiser accepts an assignment where the client agrees to pay an appraisal fee based on a percentage of the final appraised value, the appraiser would be in violation of Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices and the code of ethics of any appraisal organization to which he or she is a member.

To become a real estate analyst, you must have studied real estate finance, real estate investment, real estate appraisal or MBA finance course. You can pursue these courses from any leading real estate management institute. As a real estate analyst, you identify and evaluate real estate investment opportunities and assess property market.

Depending on your location, you should search on real estate firm websites in your area. A good resource online for appraisal information is:

One of the best real estate appraisal schools is Stratford Career Institute. They offer online classes for this subject. The following website offers a list of schools that offer this course. provides real estate appraisal courses which you can take via distance education. Appraisal University also provides courses online, but you would have to look into reputation of these schools before signing up. is the only place you can take all your Real Estate Appraisal license classes from your laptop, computer, smartphone or iPad. See how easy it is to get your Real Estate Appraiser's license. Did you know that numerous leading business publications have identified the career of Real Estate Appraisal as one of the top ten professions for the coming years? Employment and jobs forecasting groups see a huge demand for years to come for licensed real estate Appraisers. But don't take our word for it. Read articles about the bright future in Real Estate Appraisal by clicking here.

One can find real estate appraisal jobs by searching their local newspaper's classified section. Also, one can contact real estate companies such as REMAX and Coldwell Banker via phone or email. Futhermore, check out job listing websites such as Indeed and Career Builder for a listing of jobs available. This may be the most effective way to locate a real estate appraisal job.

Course RequirementsApplicants for a real estate broker license examination must have successfully completed the following eight statutorily required college-level courses:Real Estate Practice; andLegal Aspects of Real Estate; andReal Estate Finance; andReal Estate Appraisal; andReal Estate Economics or Accounting; andThree* courses from the following listReal Estate PrinciplesBusiness LawProperty ManagementEscrowReal Estate Office AdministrationMortgage Loan Brokering and LendingAdvanced Legal Aspects of Real EstateAdvanced Real Estate FinanceAdvanced Real Estate AppraisalComputer Applications in Real EstateCommon Interest Developments *If both Real Estate Economics and Accounting are taken, only two courses from the above group are required.

According to the Appraisal Institute's Dictionary of Real Estate Appraisal (5th edition), progression in appraisal is the "concept that the value of an inferior property is enhanced by its association with better properties of the same type." An example would be a smaller home is a neighborhood of larger homes.

If you want to take courses of real estate online, you should check . This site offers you Real Estate Appraisal & USPAP Courses or Real Estate Exam Prep Master, depends on your level of preparation.

Champions School of Real Estate is a good choice. 5627 FM 1960 Road West, Houston, TX‎ - (281) 893-4484‎ They do have more than one location.

The New York Real Estate Institute is a great school that offers estate appraisal training. If you want to sharpen your skill, the NYRI is a great school to check out.

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