Seals and Sea Lions

How long is a sea lion?

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How long is a sea lion a baby?

A Sea Lion is 30 inches long at birth

What size is a sea lion?

The sea lion is 19 cm long, and only weighs a shocking 1.3659 lbs.

How long does it take for a sea lion to be full grown?

It takes about 2 years for a sea lion to be fully grown.

How long do sea lions hold the baby?

How long dose a female sea lion holds its baby

How long is sea lion pregnancy?

360 Days

How long can a sea lion swim?

a fow mills

How long can a sea lion stay underwater?

about 10 minutes

How long does an Arctic sea lion live?

25 years

What is the length of a baby sea lion?

it is 10,000 feet long

Is Andre a seal or a sea lion?

sea lion

How long can a sea lion hold its breath?

8 to 20 minutes

How long is the life span of a sea lion?

15-25 years.

Is sea lion a carnivore?

Yes the sea lion is a carnivore

The genus of a sea lion?

The genus of a sea lion is pinnied

Is a sea lion a Pinniped?

A sea lion is definitely a pinniped.

What is the size and shape of a seal?

A baby sea lion are about four feet long and weigh 40 to 50 pounds.The shape of a sea lion is almost like a torpedo.

Does a sea lion live in Antarctica?

No. A sea lion lives in the sea: Antarctica is a continent.

Is a seahorse sea lion or a sea urchin a mammal?

Sea lions are mammals.

Who would win a fight between a human and a sea lion when at dry ground?

obviously a human because a sea lion cannot live without water for too long and if the fight is for just a few second then the sea lion will win.

Why are sea lion called sea lions?

Just as the lion is a powerful and fearsome predator on land, so is the sea lion a powerful and fearsome predator of the sea.

What eats the California sea lion?

what eats a california sea lion

Why is a sea lion a type of seal?

A sea lion is a relative of a seal.

Is a sea lion herbivore or carnivore?

is sea lion herbivore or carnivore

Is a sea lion a secondary consumer?

a sea lion is a secondary consumer

How long can a California sea lion stay underwater?

By sealing their noses shut, a sea lion can stay underwater for 10 to 15 minutes before having to resurface for air.