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depends on the swimming pool. they are all different sizes

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Q: How long is a swimming pool in m?
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How long is Olympics swimming pool?

One length of an Olympic swimming pool is 50 metres.50 mThe length of a Olympic Swimming Pool is 50mIt is 50 m

How much in length of 25 m long of swimming pool?

25 metres

Which is the deepest and largest swimming pool?

The largest and deepest swimming pool is in Toronto,Oritano it depth is 300 feet and 75 m long it can hold 2000 swimmers in it.

How long is a swimming lane?

as long as the swimming pool is :\

How many laps is a 150m in a pool?

Olympic sized-swimming pools are 50 m long. 150 m is three laps.

How many meters long is the swimming pool?

A standard olympic swimming pool is 50 meters long

What size is a competitive swim team pool?

If by a competitive swim team pool, you mean olympic size swimming pool, it is 50m Long and 25 m wide.

What is long distance swimming?

long distance swimming can meAN 2 things 1 you swim for along distance e.e 1500 m (100m=4lengths) 2 you race in a 50 m pool instead of 25mpool

How long is the water polo pool in the Olympics?

25 m long court 50 m pool 25 m long court 50 m pool 25 m long court 50 m pool

How long does green hair last from swimming in a pool?

Not aware that a swimming pool had green hair.

A swimming pool whos surface forms a rectangle measures 25 m long by 15 m wide The pool is 2 m deep at the shallow end and the depth increases at a constant rate to 4 m deep at the other end How many?

There are 1,125 cubic m in the pool

How long is a 20 meter swim?

It is very short it is not even the length of an short corse swimming pool (25 m).

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