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How long is a term in Congress?

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The term in the House of Representatives is two years and the term in the Senate is six years.

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What is the term limit for congress?

There are no term limits for Congress- congressmen can serve for long as they can get elected.

How long does a term of Congress last?

each term of congress lasts for two years.

How long is each term of congress?

there are 2 years of congress in each tearm

How long is the term of office for the delegate to congress in the US Virgin Islands?

Term term of office for a Virgin Island Delegate to COngress is two years.

How long is a term of congress?

lasts for 2 years

How long do you have to serve in congress to get a pension?

1 term

How long is a term of Congress. Why do some people support term limits for members of Congress?

7 years. An far off

How long is the term for senators in congress?

Each U.S. Senate term is six years.

What was the long term legacy of the Congress of Vienna?

The spread of Nationalism.

How long a term do representatives serve in Congress?

2 years

How long can you be on the US congress?

Until you die or are no longer elected. There are no term limits for either house of Congress.

How long is the term of office of the member of us congress?

There are two different U.S. Congress officials. The Senators server for 6 years a term and the Representatives serve for 2 years a term.

What was the long-term legacy of the congress of Vienna?

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How long is the term or number of years a senator serves in congress?


How long do each term of congress last?

Two years. The 110th Congress convened on January 4th, 2007.

What is the term of congress?

Each term of Congress lasts for 2 years. The current term of Congress is known as the 113th United States Congress.

How long does a house of represenative serve in congress?

House members serve a two-year term. There is no term limit, so they can continue to serve as long as they are reelected.

How long is a term of congress for senator?

Congress and the Senate are two separate houses, so a Congressmen serves a term in Congress, and a Senator serves in the Senate. A term for a Representative in the House is two years. Senators serve a term of six years. There is no limits on how many terms either officeholder may run for reelection.

How long was the term that the members of the Congress under the Articles of Confederation served?

one year

How long can a congressman or woman serve?

There aren't any term limits in the US Congress.

Do members of congress have term limits?

No, members of Congress do not have term limits. A lot of debating has been done to introduce term limits in Congress but is paid no attention by the Supreme Court and Congress itself.

How many sessions to each term in congress?

Each term in Congress is divided into 4 sessions.....In each term of Congress, there are two regular sessions or meetings.

How long does the meeting of congress last?

The meeting of congress will typically last about two years. This is done consecutively. There are two sessions to each term of Congress, one will accounts for each year.

Should Congress adopt term limits?

It is my opinion that the indefinite times a Congressman can run for election is detrimental to the United States. Long term congressmen tend to take their reelection for granted and long term incumbents are fertile ground for corruption. I believe its healthy for new people to become members of Congress.

Describe the political background and experience of the members of congress?

Most members of the congress are usually seasoned politicians with long term experience in the public affairs.