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You can have hiccups for 5 minutes or you can have them for life. It depends. There was a man who once had the hiccups for 42 years

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Holding the breath for as long as possible is considered an effective treatment for?


Is it possible to get hiccups from someone else?


Is it possible to get hiccups from stress?

You normally get hiccups from sapzams of your diaphragm, but i dont know if you can get hiccups from stress, i think i do, but i dont know if it is caused by anything else.

Can hiccups be dangerous?

it depends on how long you had it. if the hiccups lasted for a while, it will affect your breathing.

How long do hiccups last?

Hiccups typically last from a few minutes to a few hours. Mine typically last from 20 minutes to an hour unless I do something to stop them.

Can pineapple cure hiccups?

Sorry to dissapoint, but pineapple definietly can no cure hiccups. hiccups go and come whenever they like. Trust me i have tried every possible thing to make my hiccups go when every i had them but they just wont go.

Can you die from having the hiccups a long time?


How long can a person survive with hiccups?

66 days

How are hiccups described?

Virtually everyone experiences hiccups, but they rarely last long or require a doctor's care. Occasionally, a bout of hiccups will last longer than two days, earning it the name

Can you make yourself hiccup on command?

No. Hiccups are caused by the nerves controlling the diaphragm becoming unsynchronised (basically, all of the parts going at different times); if a person could find a consistent and simple way to cause hiccups, it is possible they could get hiccups on demand, but this is unlikely given the random nature of hiccups.

What color are your hiccups?

What does that even mean

Why are the hiccups called hiccups?

They are called the hiccups because of the "hiccup" sound you make when you have them.

Are hiccups deadly?

Long-term chronic hiccups can conceivably damage the breathing nerves or the muscles in the diaphragm. Another concern is that they can disrupt normal sleep patterns, which are essential to the body's metabolism. However, there are cases of chronic hiccups lasting many years (up to 60 years). In cases of fatalities, the underlying cause of the hiccups was the cause, not the hiccups themselves. (see related link)

Can you sleep while you have the hiccups?

I guess it depends on who you are.Some people may be able to,if the hiccups don't keep them up or keep waking them up.But I've never seen a person sleep while having hiccups before. And I guess it could be possible if you're really tired and fall fast asleep.I hope this helped! *I get the hiccups regularly while I am asleep and didn't know until my dad woke me up one night and made me drink a glass of water and go back to sleep. Sometimes I wake myself up because my hiccups are so loud! ha It's really strange but I just wanted to add that yes it is possible to be asleep and have the hiccups

Is it possible for a dog to hiccup?

Yes, I have a chihuahua that gets the hiccups. It's too cute. Yes. Dogs can get hiccups just like humans, especially puppies. The hiccups should go away shortly, although if they last all day, you should probably consult a veterinarian. Dog hiccups are usually caused by something they ate or drank, excitement, stress, or a stomach disorder.

How long has the longest case of hiccups lasted?

68 years! Charles Osborne

How long do hiccups normally last?

Hiccups typically last from a few minutes to a few hours. Mine typically last from 20 minutes to an hour unless I do something to stop them.

Do newborn kittens get hiccups?

any feline can get the hiccups

What can a person do to get hiccups?

You can get hiccups by eating food to fast.

What is a sentence using the word hiccups?

My hiccups are dehabilitating.

How can you describe Hiccups?

Hiccups are a spasm of the phrenic nerve

Can gerbils get the hick ups?

it is rare that gerbils get the hiccups but if they do get hiccups then they receive the hiccups by drinking or eating to fast such as humans

How can you cure hiccups in Virtual Families?

Drag the person who has the hiccups onto the bathroom sink, they will drink water, and the hiccups will be cured. If it is the first time that you are curing hiccups, you will receive a trophy.

Are hiccups normal?

Yes, as long as they take no more than a few minutes at a time.

Is it normal to have really bad hiccups after a C-section?

No, this is a big problem, it usually means they have slightly torn your histolic membrane which can lead to hiccups and pulmonary infection. You should get to a hospital as soon as possible as this is quite serious.

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