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To become a pediatrician it takes a minimum of 11 years after the completion of high school.


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To become a pediatrician you must complete Medical School. Princeton University does not have a Medical School. If you intend to be a pediatrician and want to attend Princeton, you would take a Bachelor's degree as a Pre-Med student and then apply to a Medical School, eventually specializing in Pediatrics.

It typically takes 11 years to become a pediatrician after high school: 4 years of College 4 years of Medical School 3 years of Pediatric Residency

I want to know, what college classes are required at spelaman college to become a pediatrician

You have to go to 4 years of college, plus medical school school, plus internship to become a pediatrician. If you want to help in a pediatrician's office, you can train pretty quickly to become a Medical Assistant (less than 4 years college to train).

That totally depends on where you live, whether you want to go to school far away from home, what kind of marks you have etc.

It doesn't matter if you attend an allopathic or osteopathic medical school. Both can become pediatricians and obstetricians. But if you want to become both, you would need to complete two residency programs.

The courses you take in high school don't really matter much when studying to become a pediatrician. It takes an additional 11 years of schooling after the completion of high school to become a pediatrician so you will have plenty of time to take required courses then. In high school you should focus on courses you like and that you can get good grades in. A good GPA will help you to get into a better college, which may make it easier to become a doctor.

Only if you want to treat Spanish speaking patients.

If you want to become a pediatrician, you need to have a medical degree. You also need to have completed your residency.

There are no particular classes in high school that are required to become a pediatrician, so you can take just about whatever you want. The main thing would be to do well enough to get into medical school. If you really wanted to take courses that would make learning what you need to learn in college easier, I would suggest math and science courses. You will have to take a bunch of these in college and they help you to think analytically.

Go to school grduate think about the school you want to go to and try to get accepted into the college

To become a pediatrician, a person must graduate from medical school and be licensed to practice medicine. A bachelor's degree is a 4 year degree. This would be a first step toward become a doctor. After a bachelor's degree, the person would then apply to medical schools. It takes about 4 years to go to medical school. After medical school, comes residency which is where the doctor selects the kinds of patients he/she wishes to work with, in this case, pediatrics. .

One could become a nurse before beginning medical school. Becoming a nurse is not likely to greatly help in attaining admission to medical school, and some medical schools may not look at your application very favorably, as there is a very serious nursing shortage in this country. If you want to become a physician, become a physician. If you want to become a nurse, become a nurse. Do not go to nursing school with the intent to become a physician later, as your application to nursing school will take a spot away from a person who actually wants to practice nursing.

maybe if you want to it depends what type of pediatrician you are

To become a pediatrician (or any type of medical doctor), you will want to focus especially on science classes. Once you get to college, the pre-med requirements will include chemistry, physics and of course biology. Learning about these subjects in high school will be helpful to you once you arrive at college. However, it is important to remember that the specific courses you take in high school will have little effect on your medical career. What is important in high school is much more general; You want to perform well in a wide variety of challenging classes. This is what will help you get into a good college. Then it is what you do in college that is most important in helping you get into medical school.

University of Illinois at Chicago University of Iowa University of Southern California

If you want a pediatrician then you will stay in college for eleven 11 years ormore. It depends if your going to stay for being a pediatriciandoctor 11 years. No.11 years or more.bye,I`m Gloria aForensic scientist.

i dont think so... coz you'll never have a chance to use your knowledge about phsycology. plus its a long and expensive trip to college... ;>

No, in fact, its quite unusual. Nursing School and Medical School are different programs with different degrees. There are some nurses who decide to become doctors, but it's a big investment of time to earn two separate degrees so you're better off making the decision to become a doctor now if it's something you want to do. No, go to med school and specialize in pediatrics.

You should study in Biology. Or ask the person that asks you when you get to college what should pediatricians study in.

Well its really depends what you want to be if you want to play football then you have to go to school and all through college for four years and you have to get good grades!!!!!!!

My best advice to you would be to major in Biology, and take psychology and complete med school. other wise I don't know. hope i could help.

7 YearsThat is the exact thing I want to do after school!! You need 7 years of college. What I am doing is starting at one college and transferring over to another with my credits so maybe it won't take as long as 7 years, but you would have to look into it more!!Good luck tho!!

What state will I make the most if I want to becaome a pediatrician?

it depends on what system you are studying in.if your studing SATs then it really doesnt matter, but if your taking GCSEs, then you basically have to take more subjects in the science category. specially biology

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