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There are many different lengths to society's average daily commute. Some people take 5 minutes others take hours to commute.

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How long is the average daily commute from San Francisco to San Jose?

The commute from San Francisco to San Jose is approx. 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes.

What does long commute mean?

Well, to commute means to travel, or to take transportation. Some college students commute evey day to school. And many workers commute to get to work. So. . .a long commute is traveling a long way to work or school. !

How many people commute to London on a daily basis?


How many burials happen in a day?

Over a long period of time, the average daily number of interments must be equal to (average daily deaths) minus (average daily cremations).

What is a sentence with the word commute?

Example sentence - We looked for a house close to our office in order to have a short commute each day.

Automotive Accessories ?

form_title= Automotive Accessories form_header= Spoil your car with accessories. What accessories do you need?*= _ [50] How much are you willing to spend?*= _ [50] How long is your daily commute?*= _ [50]

To work about 20 minutes by car.?

How long is the commute?

How do landforms affect daily life?

Landforms can affect our daily lives in multiple ways. For example, you might have to cross a bridge over a river in your commute.

What is an American's average commute to work each day?

Americans commute an average of 25 minutes to work. The large majority drive alone to work. See the related link for more census bureau stats on commuting.

What is a commuterpreneur?

Someone who uses wireless technology to run a part-time ebusiness during their daily commute to and from work

When do people travel most in the us?

Most people travel on their daily business or work commute to and from their place of business.

What city has the longest commute?

In the US, the New York metro area has the longest average commute time (36 minutes). The national average is 25 minutes. See the related link for more commuting stats from the census bureau.

How long will it take to get from Sugarloaf in Lawrenceville GA to College park GA if you left at 7 AM?

Google Maps estimates the average driving time as 52 minutes for that commute.

Can bikes should be used instead of cars?

well it depends if you have a long commute or a short one. If you have a short one then yes if you have a long one then no. But you can use a bike for a long commute if you are willing to get tired and take a few hours to days,

What are the average daily prices in California?

Average daily prices in what?

What is the relevance of railroads in your daily life?

If you commute - a lot. And depending on where you get your food and electricity from ... anything from essential to life, to hardly at all.

How far can the new Electric Nissan LEAF go on a charge?

Depends on your driving style. I Commute daily round trip with the intent to maximize my mileage and I get about 110 miles per charge. My commute is 70 miles round trip.

What are the release dates for My First Sale - 2010 Losing Long Commute 5-7?

My First Sale - 2010 Losing Long Commute 5-7 was released on: USA: 22 August 2011

What is the definition for average daily temperature?

The average number of days in the period when the daily maximum airtemperaturewas equal to, or exceeded 30, 35 or 40 °C. Mean minimumtemperature(°C) The long-term average daily minimum airtemperatureobserved during a calendar month and over the year.

Why do you commute?

I commute because I can't work from home.

Is commute a noun?

The word commute is both a noun (commute, commutes) and a verb (commute, commutes, commuting, commuted). The noun commute is a singular, common noun; word for an instance of a regular journey; the distance covered in a journey. The noun forms for the verb to commute are commuter, commutableness, commutability, and the gerund, commuting.

How long is the average American awake?

12 hours [ including daily nap, 2 hours.]

How long per day can the average cow be milked?

Dairy cows have to be milked twice daily.

How many hours do you travel per week on average?

8 hours for me to commute to work per week.

How long does it take to commute to work in new york city?

You've got to say from where to where!

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