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About 2 hours assuming I-95 is flowing freely. You can park at the PHL airport (expensive) or find deals at a number of surrounding parking services and auto dealers who will store your car for $8 to $12 a day. There are AAA/AARP discounts, too. Depending on your needs and how many people are travelling, a longer but far less stressful alternative to driving is to take Amtrak to 30th St. station, then use the R1 commuter rail line to the airport. Not sure what Amtrak's fare is these days. The R1 fare is $5.50 one way and MUST be purchased from a ticket office or machine before boarding at 30th St.

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โˆ™ 2006-09-18 00:44:41
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Q: How long is the drive from Baltimore airport to Philadelphia airport?
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