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It is 269 miles according to Google Maps.


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The Grand Canyon is in Arizona, not Colorado.

No, not in the state of Colorado... but the Colorado river helped form the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is in Northern Arizona.

No, the Grand Canyon is in Arizona.

No. The Grand Canyon IS NOT in the state of Colorado. Many people get confused on that because the river that carves through the Grand Canyon is called the Colorado River. The Grand Canyon is in Arizona.

The Grand Canyon doen't flow. The Colorado River which passes through the Canyon is headed to the Sea of Cortez.

No, it is in Arizona on the Colorado River.

The Grand Canyon created by the Colorado River can be found in Arizona.

It's in AZ STUPID! Its in Grand Canyon, Arizona

The grand canyon is in USA in the state of Arizona. The grand canyon is a steep sided canyon that was formed from the Colorado river

The Colorado River on its way to the Sea of Cortez.The Colorado River.The Colorado River, which is the same river that runs through the Grand Canyon, forms the boundary between California and Arizona.The Colorado River.

The Grand Canyon is located only in Arizona.

The Colorado river runs through the grand canyon

It's the Colorado River flowing through it, but the Grand Canyon is in Arizona.

No, you're thinking of Arizona.

Because the Grand Canyon is located in Arizona. The Grand Canyon is an beautiful, international landmark that took billions of years to form. It was formed by the Colorado River.

AnswerThe Grand Canyon of the Colorado River.The Grand Canyon is correct... the location is Arizona.

The Grand Canyon, carved by the Colorado River, is located in the U.S. state of Arizona.

North of Arizona, near the Colorado River.

Yes, it passes through the Grand Canyon.

It is 269 miles according to Google Maps.

The Colorado River passes through the Grand Canyon in the northwest part of Arizona.The Colorado River, and not the Little Colorado River or the Colorado River of Texas.Colorado river

Colorado and Arizona, the Arizona section being the location of the National Park.

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