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That depends on the battery and the use of it. If it is used in an extreme climate condition, like North Dakota, or Miami, it will not last as lng as in a moderate climate like St. Louis. If if is used for a lot of short trips where it is constantly being started and shut off, it will not last as long as highway driving where the vehicle is started once and run for miles. The battery itself whether it is a 24 month, 36 month, 80 month, etc makes a big difference as well.


Most batteries with a 5 year estimated life need to be replaced in 4 years.


I have a mobile car battery service in Miami. I do a lot of batteries a year. Most batteries last 3 years. Top of the line can last a bit more. There are ways to make them last more. Read my article to find out how.


Pedro Talavera. Certified Mobile Tech of Miami.

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Q: How long is the estimated life of a car battery?
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How long is the battery life for car?

3 to 5 years is about average

How long should a car battery last Toyota Camry 2006?

Average life is from 3-5 years. If you run the battery down you shorten it's life.

What is the average lifetime of a battery for a Dodge?

Car battery life is determined by the model of the battery, not the car or truck in which it operates.

How long do most car batteries last?

The average car battery last around three years. The battery life may shorten, if the car is in extreme heat or cold, lights are left on often, and if the car is enchanced for racing.

How long will your car battery last?

I recently had a car battery replaced. They last for maybe 5 to 6 years or so but always remember to never run aircondisioning without starting your engine (if you run the aircondisioning on the battery it reduces its life) In addition, running the battery down will shorten it's life.

Will installing a DVD player in my car take away from my cars battery lifetime?

It will drain the battery in the short term,but in the long term battery life really isn't effected.

What is the battery life expectancy in used hybrid cars?

The battery should last as long as the lifetime of the car according to 2 Hybrid car manufactures, but with the cars not being around for very long, nobody really knows the answer to this question.

Temperature Effects on Hybrid Car Battery Life?

The average life expectancy on a hybrid car battery is approximately eight years. Temperature plays a role in how long the battery will last. Extreme high or low temperature will reduce the efficiency and the ability for the battery to hold charges. Extreme temperatures generally result in the Battery Condition Monitor module (BCM) is disabled in order to protect the battery. This can result in lower efficiency and lower life span of the battery.

How long does car battery stay charged if not driven?

how long do batterys work for a car?

How long does a car battery last if the car is seldom used?

As long as the battery is kept charged then it should last 3-5 years.

Car battery life do not drive much?

The average car battery life is 5 years. If a person does not drive their car much, the battery could actually last even longer. Some people claim to have batteries over 7 years old in their car, and the battery test excellent.

What is the life expectancy of a rechargeable car battery?

A standard lead acid car battery lasts three to seven years.

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