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How long must you have left on your passport to travel to Spain?


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It depends on your nationality.

Citizens of other EU and Schengen countries do not need any time left on their passports.

Citizens of other countries normally need a passport which is valid for 3 months after the date they intend to leave the Schengen area.

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You will have to return before the day that your passport expires.

UK passport holders require 6 months left on their passport

If you travel to France and you are an EU citizen you don't need the usual 3 months left on your passport that you would have to have for some travel destinations.

You don't need a passport to travel between the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

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You have to have a minimum of six months validity left on your passport to enter the US

irish citizens dont need a passport to travel to the uk although some travel providers(ryanair) require one.

i does depend on how long you are going for but if you only have 6 months on your passport you should be able to go as long as your going for less than 6 months or if you have got a one way ticket that would be fine two

You need at least 3 months left from the time that you depart for US. But many countries need at least 6 months left of passport validity for international travel.

You can travel immediately after acquiring a passport.

More than 6 months validity of the accompanying National Passport needed on the day of arrival to Bulgaria

PassportIt's legally good until the expiry date in 2008 but many countries require six months left on your passport before they will allow you to travel. If you get a new passport, they will take into account your unexpired time and issue for (for example) ten years and five months, or however long there is left.

depends on duration of stay, if passport expires in 2 weeks, and you stay in Hungary for 3 weeks - problem!

Yes,you could go until the day it expires, as long as you have the visa documentation and a non expired passport, its fine.

A person may still travel to any country as long as the passport is not expired. How long before it expires is not taken into account unless the passport expires before the traveler is expected to return.

1) All British passports are the same length (and width). 2) If you mean how long must it be valid, the answer is zero. The Canary Islands are part of Spain, which is in the EU. So long as your passport is valid a British Citizen can travel anywhere in the EU

That depends on how long you want to be there. As long as you return home before your passport expires you will be fine, if you do not, then.. you will have a huge headache when you are finished trying to get back home

Usually at least six months but it may differ by country.

Not long if you are in Cambodia and have a passport.

According to the State Department website and the airlines (USAirways) your passport just needs to be valid for your travel dates. As long as you are back before your passport expires, you are OK.

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