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How long should breast tenderness last during pregnancy?


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It depends on the person. My boobs hurt almost the whole time I was pregnant with all three of my kids.


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Chest pain is not a sign of pregnancy but should be checked by a doctor. Breast tenderness (pain) is often one of the first signs of pregnancy.

Usually a missed period is the first sign. Or if you experience morning sickness or breast tenderness or increase in breast size.

You are not supposed to start producing milk during pregnancy. You can express little yellowish fluid from the nipples, during pregnancy.

Honestly if you haven't got your period and have no symptoms, like breast tenderness yet, chances of you being pregnant are good. But I've also read if you do experience breast tenderness before a period and you miss it, you could still be pregnant.

You really need to take a pregnancy test. But sometimes a missed period, morning sickness, breast tenderness and sometimes mood swings. But you should really get a pregnancy test done.

No, it is not normal to experience pain at any point.It may be common to experience breast tenderness during menstruation, but you should never accept pain as a norm. Pain is your bodies way of telling you that something is wrong, not that everything is normal. Breast tenderness during menstruation is most likely due to a hormonal imbalance, maintaining good health and balance hormones with the likes of chaste tree will help.

Just the same as if it was not in place. Absence of periods, breast tenderness, nausea and tiredness.If the IUD is still in place then there should not be a chance of getting pregnant.Positive pregnancy testThey are the same as any pregnancy, breast tenderness, nausea, vomiting, period stopping, headaches and fatigue.Positive pregnancy testSame as normal: Headaches Dizziness Light cramping Light spotting around when period should be Feeling sick/actually being sick Exhausted Sore/tender breasts Needing to pee more Emotional and moodyThey're the same as any pregnancy symptoms.

Hi, A Womans basal body temperature (BBT) is NOT a indication of pregnancy. BBT will rise slightly during ovulation, illness, due to activity or period. BBT it itself is definitely not a indication of pregnancy. Indication of pregnancy is: * Missed period. * Nauseous. * Headache *Breast tenderness *Abdominal cramping. *Increase in cervical mucus.

Well, stomach pain and breast pain are obviously two different areas., this should not determine pregnancy.. You would have other symptoms, such as breast tenderness and weight gain, nausea.. that is if you are pregnant. If your not then could be just time of the month and sometimes that causes stomach pain, which can be determined to be gastric pain.. Hope this helps..

The ONLY time nipples should have discharge is during pregnancy, and typically in the last trimester only. Ask your doctor to make sure there is no problem.Generally, discharge during pregnancy is NOT a sign of breast cancer.

You may have breast tenderness after stopping Depo Provera as your own hormonal cycle restarts. This side effect should pass soon. If you haven't been using other protection, be sure to take a pregnancy test.

A missed period and breast tenderness in someone not using protection against pregnancy should prompt you to take a pregnancy test.

You can just "feel" pregnancy, but that doesn't mean that you are. I know during my first pregnancy, which I miscarried, I did "feel" pregnant on top of a lot of other symptoms. But you should also look for signs such as a missed period, breast tenderness or swollen breasts, fatigue, exhaustion, weight gain, increased sense of smell, and morning sickness.

It's different for everyone - some in the first month and others in the last month

Xanax (generic is Alprazolam) should not be taken during pregnancy or when breast feeding.

Yes, this should not provide any real harm to the woman. The woman may feel some extreme tenderness and may decide she doesn't like it because this can be painful during pregnancy (and after!). But other than that, there is not harm done. You may also encounter some lactation as well.

Hello. Signs of pregnancy are as follows: * Missed period or very light bleeding on your period. * Spotting of blood in your underwear. * Abdominal cramping similar to a approaching period. * PMS symptoms. * Breast tenderness or breast looking swollen. * Nipple tenderness. * Aerola darkening. * Headaches. * Feeling sick or nasueous. * Food adversions and/or cravings. * Increase in vaginal discharge. Above are pregnancy symptoms. I hope this has helped you some. If I have then please recommend me.

Clothing must be comfortable and loose- to ensure that the mother can remove it with ease when breast feeding and getting changed.

It is not likely that the lack of breast tenderness would be a symptom of pregnancy just because you usually have it as a PMS symptom. You're symptoms of pregnancy include: missed period, fatigue, swollen and or tender breasts, mood swings, flu like symptoms, nausea, implantation bleeding (slightly different than a period) etc. Not all women will experience pregnancy symptoms so if you do suspect you might be pregnant, you should take a test rather than relying solely on symptoms. Not all women will experience a missed period during the first few weeks of pregnancy, so again, it is important to use other determinations of pregnancy other than symptoms. It is important for you to confirm your pregnancy as soon as possible to ensure the proper care and safety of you and your new baby. Most of these symptoms will start about two weeks after the first day of your missed period.

Take a pregnancy test.The only real way to know is to take a pregnancy test.If you take the pill as directed you can assume you are not pregnant, the side effects (breast tenderness, nausea, moodiness, headaches) should subside over the next couple months.

Rolaids should be safe to take during pregnancy.

Since the safety of melatonin use during pregnancy has not been adequately studied, women who are pregnant or breast feeding a child should not take melatonin.

There are several foods you should eat during pregnancy. You should eat green vegetables and drink juice.

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