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How long should it take for a lops ears to grow Sometimes when she is sitting around one ear is up and one is down but both ears can sit up is this normal for a lop earred rabbit?

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2008-10-06 18:40:44

Rabbits are all grown up at around 6 months of age, so if your

bunny is older than that, her ears are probably as long as they

will ever get. I had a fuzzy Chinchilla Mini Lop who could do

extraordinary things with her ears! Rabbits use their ears to

listen for predators, so they have to work really well. That

includes swiveling around in all directions to pick up sound.

Rabbits also can communicate with their ears - notice that your

bunny seems calm when her ears are down and agitated when they are

straight up? Mine could keep one ear up even when she was asleep.

You should pay attention to your bunny and learn what her ear

signals mean, so that you can understand her moods and so you'll

know if there are any problems with those lovely ears. There is a

sickness rabbits can get which causes them to tilt their heads and

waggle their ears almost constantly. If she begins to act

unusually, take her to the veterinarian for an exam. Good luck!

Jill - Well Said, May I Add, If Your Rabbit Is having One Ear Up

And Down, It Is Most Likely to be A helicopter Lop, It Will

Sometimes have its Ears Both Lopped Down Or Both Straight Up

Depending On What Type it Is.

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