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How many hours should you go to the gym

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Q: How long should you got to the gym to lose weight?
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Are there any weight lose pills for kids?

Yes, there is a weight losspill for kids. It is called PediaLean. If you got to vita you should see weight loss under shop for health concern. Then you can buy the pills for your kid.

How does a 13-year-old lose weight if she is 5 feet 2 inches and weighs around 84 pounds?

Why would you want to lose weight if you are 5''2 and 80 something pounds you should be loving your self. But i had that same problem when i was 13 i was 5''4 and was only about 60 pounds. but then when i moved i relized that i was killing myself and got some help. so you should not want to lose weight but you should love yourself for who you are

Can marijuana make you lose weight?

i my self smoke weed and at first i got the munchies and actually gained a little weight

How did Josh Peck lose weight?

He Work out and stuck to a diet and got a personal trainer to help him

Do you lose weight by having a poo?

yea of course when you got poo in you that makes weight but when you poo the weight goes out in the toilet...or mabe the forest! EW

Do girls lose weight during puberty?

during puberty udon'tlose weight. You gain weight, then u will lose it after 5 years like me i started having boobs at 10 got my periods at 12 and gained weight at 11 then i lost all of the weight at 16. Trust me i hated my body i wanted to like kill my body!butdon'tfreak out, your all going to lose the weight after :)

How much weight can you lose from swimming in the pool for 2 hours?

more than u had b4 you got in it.

I am trying to lose weight and get fit. Where can I find a supportive women's community in Asia?

Hey! you should check out The Busy Woman Project (@thebusywomanproject) they've got a great online community :)

Can you lose weight?

Yes a million times. I have lose my weight too but I got scammed by a lot of product which people are saying it can help you lose your weight.It is a ballant lies,until I use this ht tps:// I was happy to find something to help me after being scammed.So beware and follow the link.

What gives you vitamin b?

look it up do what ever you got to do and lose some weight like jennifer Hudson

Why would you need gastric band surgery?

Gastric band surgery is the best way to lose your weight. you can lose your up to 50% weight through this band surgery. many people have got benefit from this band surgery. you can say that when you feel need to lose your weight in easy way on that time you can use this band surgery.

Why did rikishi leaves WWE?

Professional wrestler Rikishi was forced to leave the WWE in 2004 for failing to meet repeated requests to lose weight. He returned to the WWE in 2012.

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