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How long should you have phone sex?

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2010-04-19 14:12:51

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That's like asking how long should you swim in a pool. That's all

personal preference!!!

I think your sex life would be more fulfilling if you had sex

out of love, as opposed to lust. Phone sex is not a true

relationship. It's a false sense of reality, and damaging to your

moral fabric.

Love is to please another person, even though through that you

are pleased in return. Lust is a purely selfish desire. A human can

always experience more powerful levels of pleasure through a giving

attitude. Think about this...really, just think a while about this.

You could have so much more, but you limit yourself by succumbing

to a dominant, but inferior desire.

Well ,, i can do it for hours ,, i not i have a new phone and i

love sex .

Answer::: who made the suggestion that phone sex means you're

not in a proper relationship? it's something fun that can be

indulged in with someone you love far more than just some


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