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You should wait 4 to 5 minutes. You don't want to get sick.

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How long should you wait to walk dog after a meal?

1 hour

How long should you wait to walk dog after it gives birth?

3-5 months

Should you sit after eating?

You can, but for just a little not too long. You want to maybe start moving around or walk after that little break. Or you can just stand after eating.

How do you stop eating when bored?

you should take a walk

How long do you hafe to wait to take a new born puppie for walks?

You have to wait until your puppy has learned how to walk

How long do you have to wait for a mew egg in Pokemon?

you have to walk 545 - 765 spaces

Is it good or bad to walk after eating?

It makes your leg muscle tighten and its really unhealthy. wait 45mins-1hr before exercise

Should you walk after eating?

You probably shouldn't walk around after eating, because food needs at least half an hour to settle in your stomach, and you probably don't want any side aches.

How long should you walk dogs for?

You should at least walk your dog for a hour, so he or she canget some excirsize.

How long should you walk a dachshund puppy?

It depends how healthy they are I walk mine for an hour

How long should it take to walk 5 miles?

it takes me about 20min. to walk a mile.

How long do you walk dogs for?

You should walk your dog for as long as the dog wants to be walked for. Your dog needs plenty of exercise.

How long do y ou wait before holding the hamster after it has babies?

when they can walk and they could open their eyes

A newly laid lawn How long before you can walk on it?

you should probably wait 1-3 days it depends on how anxious you are to get on it some times but it all depends on how tall or small the lawn is

How long should you walk to see results?

Depends on where you're starting from, and what/how you're eating. If you are eating wrong, you won't be able to walk long enough to make a difference. Something like a cupcake can take 90 minutes to walk off, and then you're only back to zero. Leaving you with another 60-90 minutes walking to lose anything that day. Any serious attempt at weight/fat loss has to start with controlling your diet.

What should you do when you are bored with everything besides eating?

Go out and have a walk outside and make friends or hangout with friends.

How long do you have to wait until baby hamsters can walk on their own?

They are born without fur and are very dependent on their mother for warmth. So, they do not walk anywhere for several weeks.

How do you walk through walls on boxhead?

Get a chain of 40+ kills Plant the wall and wait on top of it until you get hit by a zombie. you should be able to walk and shoot through it.

Should you leave a horse alone when it is eating?

Should you? if possible yes. But on the other hand if you HAVE to handle your horse while it is eating then the horse should accept this. Sometimes you dont have time to wait around to let your horse eat before putting his rugs on etc and if you have to dont worry about it but it is nice to leave them to eat alone =] Since horses- when allowed to- spend about 16 hours a day eating, you should, because what if you need to ride or groom your horse during that 16 hours? Or if he has a vet appointment? True, he will want to keep eating, but you have to not let him walk all over you or he will try to get away with other stuff.

How long should you wait to go swimming in a pool after ankle surgery?

depends on how it feels, if you can walk on it, and if you mean serious swimming. but if i was you i would ask your doctor or GP next time you see them. hope this helps :)

How long should it take to walk 12 miles?


How long should it take to walk 1.3 miles?

40 mins

How long after eating should wait to walk puppy?

I have a German Shepherd currently, before whenever I fead him when he was a pup, I'd consider an hour the best time for digesting. It may be different with other dogs though, such as smaller dogs but an hour is a good estimation of how long. Remember, if your dog is ill, becareful when walking him as this could influence his health. If you haven't fead him much, half hour or less is just as good.

How long should you walk a guinea pig?

That would depend on the animal. If it needs more exercise, it needs to walk more. If it is older it should not be stressed to walk too much. Let your pet decide, when it becomes disinterested, end the walk.

How long does it take to walk 1.2 miles?

It should take anywhere from 20-30 minutes depending on how fast you walk.