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till u miss a period or get to your doctor for a blood test!!!

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โˆ™ 2006-04-19 01:56:18
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Q: How long should you wait to check to see if your pregnant even after getting my period?
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What does it mean when your Breast are soreand still not getting period?

It may mean you are pregnant, however you should check it out. as it does not mean you are definitely pregnant.

What should you do if your period is over a week late?

Check to see if you are pregnant.

Do you still get your period when you're pregnant?

you do not have your period if you're pregnant. if you miss it, then you know to check.

Do you miss your period if you have clap?

No, but you might have bleeding in between periods. You may be pregnant and should check.

Can you be pregnant if your period last for 3 days?

If you got your period then it's unlikely that you're pregnant. If your next period is light, missing, late or unusual then you should take a pregnancy test. If the test is negative you should see the doctor to check nothing is wrong

Is spotting before a period a sign of pregnancy?

Yea if the discharge is light and brown you should go to the doctors and check if you are pregnant. Most likely, you are pregnant.

If my last period was Nov 7th when can i check if am pregnant or not?

check after 2weeks

What the chances of getting pregnant at 37?

Most likely can get pregnant. Check with your doctor.

You missed your period 2 months ago could you be pregnant?

I think you should go to the doctor for check up. i think 80% chances are that u r pregnant

What does brownish spotting instead of your period mean?

your most likely pregnant and it is old blood you need to let your doctor check you could be pregnant and old blood your uterus is getting rid off

If your period doesn't come on can you be pregnant?

yes you could be if you have had sexual relations with someone of the opposite sex. but there are other reasons why you can have a late period. you should check with your doctor.its possible

What should you do if you have your period too long and you are for sure NOT pregnant?

Check with a doctor to make sure everything is alright would be your best bet.

Can you have your period while you are pregnant?

well alot of people think that you cannot have a period but the answer is somewhat difficult. there is a chance that you will blled mistaking it as a period but it is not. no No. If bleeding when pregnant, check with your doctor.

Can you conceive if you do not get your periods?

It's possibleIt's possible, but it depends on why you're not getting your period. Check in with your doctor. You may also be underweight, exercising too much, or have hormonal imbalances that prevent your getting pregnant. If you do not have normal periods, then you are most likely not ovulating, and you should get checked out for PCOS, as it is one of the most common reasons for lack of ovulation and not having a period in women who are not athletes.Periods happen after you ovulate, as the lining sheds. If you ovulated and the egg was fertilized and you became pregnant, then you would not have a period. An example of this happening would be when coming off of the depo-provera shot or one of the birth control pills that are taken several months in a row. In these cases, you could ovulate afterward and get pregnant, but never have a period. Women who just gave birth can also get pregnant again, without ever having another period, for the same reason. Or adolescents who have their first cycle can get pregnant without ever having a period.However, for an adult woman who normally does not have a period but wishes to get pregnant, she should get checked out by her doctor to test for PCOS and other medical conditions that would prevent her from ovulating and getting pregnant. Not having a period is an indicator of fertility problems and should get professionally diagnosed, if trying to get pregnant.

You did ansafe sex before ma period and you alrady had ma period even tho its very light after ma period you have morning sickness is that means am pregnant?

it could but you should really check in with your doctor

Im not pregnant but i have not had my period yet?

delayed..check if you're stress..

Is it safe to have unprotected sex a week before your period?

no its not. there is always a chance to get pregnant even if u were to have sex ON your period. you can still become pregnant for more info check out

If you had your period 38 days ago and still no period is it likely your pregnant?

Maybe, best to get a test and check

I've had my tubes tied only not burnt for 15 years now i have not had a period for 2 months could i be pregnant urinating A LOT?

You could possibly be pregnant because there is always a chance of getting pregnant even with a form of protection. You should call to make an appointment as soon as possible to get checked for any problems with the surgeory and to check for pregnancy.

How long do you keep stitches dry after getting them?

You have to keep stitches dry for at least two days after getting them. You should check with your doctor to see if they should be kept dry for a longer period of time.

What if your period skip a week could you be pregnant?

you can be pregnant. but make sure you take the pregnancy test just to check it.

If I am sexually active have a period then two weeks after my period have light spotting for 2 or 3 days does this mean I am pregnant?

You should always check using a pregnancy test that you can buy from the drug store.

Did not get your period for two days are you pregnant?

It is possible but if you want to be sure check your doctor.

You had your period but you have pregnancy symptoms are you pregnant?

you could be. get a pregnancy test and check it out for sure.

Im am 4 days late for my period am i pregnant?

A late period dosent always mean you are pregnant, You could just have a late peroid. But you might want to check.