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How long should your period last when you get it for the first year?

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A normal period will last 3-7 days hun.

2006-08-17 22:52:15
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Q: How long should your period last when you get it for the first year?
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How long should your period last after having a C- section?

Your period should last about 2 weeks the most..

How lond does your period stay when you first your period?

You can't predict how long your first period will last because you need to keep track of how long your first few lasts in order to predict how long one will last. For most people it lasts about a week.

How long should your period last for?

About 4 to 5 min

How long will your period last?

An average period should last between 2 to 8 days,and should occur every 20 to 35 days

How long does the first period in hockey last?

in ice hockey the first period last 20 minutes but because of all the whistles it makes it a lot longer.

How long does your first period last after giving birth?

6 weeks

How long does your first period start?

it can last 3-7 days

How long does a girls first period usually last?

it last mostly 3-7 days

How long should a girls period last?

3-7 days is healthy

How long should a period last?

it depends some last 5 days some last 8 days.........a week

How long will a period last?

you period last for 5 day

How long does the first period after a myomectomy last?

it will take 10 to 15 days .

A cool-down period should last about how long?

Five to 10 minutes

How do you calculate weeks of pregnancy according to last menstruation?

You work out how long it is since the FIRST day of you last period.

How long can your first period last?

Most periods last from 3-5 days but it can vary from person to person.

How can you make your period last longer?

Your period lasts as long as your body needs it to. I am not sure why you would want to make your period last longer but you should not try to altar your bodies natural cycles.

How long will your period last if it started out heavy?

it should last around 3 to 7 days but an average period lasts about 5 days i hear some have it for a mouth

How long does your period last after a d and c?

A D&C is sort of like an instant period; afterwards there should be no more than minor spotting. Any following period should resemble your "normal" period.

How soon after finishing pills for the month should your period start?

if you are using the month long pack (the last week being placebos (green/blue colored pills)) then you should have your period the last week of the pack (while taking the placebos). however, when first starting the pill it is normal to have irregular periods.

When you have your first period when will you get your next period How long is it before you get your next period?

well the first couple years is irregular so when you first start you period it can last up to 3-15 days at the most. and about 24-28 days until your next period(:

How long did your first period last?

About 10 days.Mine lasted 4 days but everyone's is different.

How long should a 14 year old girls period last?

Menstruation tends to last anywhere from 2 to 7 days.

How long does it take for your period after your first one?

if you are asking "how long intle i have my pirod after the first one" then it is one month around the same time as the last i would sugjest marking your calneder for you period days

How long does the period take after ovulating?

your cycle is 28 days long. The first day of your cycle is the first day you start to bleed You ovulate anywhere between the 12-16 day of you cycle Then you should start you period on the 29th day Unless you have abnormal period It also depends on the woman The average cycle last 28 days

How long does your first period last?

Your first period lasts a while until you can recognize a regular cycle. Nothing to worry about, just stay clean and smelling good! :)