How long to change over to digital TV?

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Feb 2009

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Q: How long to change over to digital TV?
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How do you change to digital TV?

Buy a new digital ready tv, get a digital receiver Sky or Freeview for your analogue tv

How did digital television change the world?

It would not appear that digital television has changed the world, yet.

What is the history of digital television?

The time it took to change analog television signals to all digital took about 25 years. It started around 1986 and many television stations had converted over to digital signal by the year 2010. Persons who owned analog televisions had to either buy a new digital television or use a converter box to get a clear signal.

Is digital television over the air television?

Digital is a way to transmit a television signal; it can be transmitted over the air or via cable, satellite, or as an internet protocol.

Can a DVD recorder record digital television?

DVD Recorders can record digital television as long as the the signals being received are not copyright protected. The problem is that most digital broadcasting is copyrighted to prevent people from make perfect copies to bootleg or exchange over the internet.

What have television stations had to do for the switch to digital television?

They've had to switch their over the air broadcasting to all digital broadcasting.

Why is the change to digital?

so tv companies can force you to purchase high priced digital tvs, its just 1 big scam

Does the tv have a built in digital tuner?

High Definition TV Tuner Built-In for over the air,Satelitte direct tv tuner added on for Digital.

Will a tv that has a digital tuner pick up over the air digital broadcasts?

It sure will! (But you still need an antenna)

How long the digital tv has been around?

Since 2000

How do you tell if you have an analog TV?

As for how to determine whether your television equipment purchased prior to May 25, 2007 is a DTV, many DTVs and digital television equipment will have labels or markings on them, or statements in the informational materials that came with them, to indicate that they contain digital tuners. These labels or markings may contain the words “Integrated Digital Tuner” or “Digital Tuner Built-In.” “Receiver” may be substituted for “Tuner,” and “DTV,” “ATSC,” or “HDTV” (high definition television) may be substituted for “Digital.” If your television equipment contains any of these labels or markings, you should be able to view digital over-the-air programming without the need for a digital-to-analog converter box. (Remember, you do not need an HDTV to view free over-the-air digital programming. As long as your television equipment contains a digital tuner, you can view over-the-air digital. An HDTV is only necessary if you want to view digital programming in “high definition.”) You should also check the manual or any other materials that came with your television equipment in order to determine whether it contains a digital tuner.

What is the difference between ASTC and NSTC digital tv reception?

NSTC is the old analog system of encoding over-the-air television used in the US. ASTC is the new digital system for over-the-air television.

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