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The time it took to change analog television signals to all digital took about 25 years. It started around 1986 and many television stations had converted over to digital signal by the year 2010. Persons who owned analog televisions had to either buy a new digital television or use a converter box to get a clear signal.

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Q: What is the history of digital television?
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What tv system is in Poland?

Analog TV is 625 line PAL, like in most of western Europe. Prior to 1995 polish analogue tv was broadcasted in SECAM D/K. Digital TV varies around DVB. For satellite platforms: Canal Plus owned Cyfra+, and Polsat owned Polsat Cyfrowy it's MPEG2 DVB, for TVN owned 'n' it's MPEG4/AVC DVB. For cable it's DVB-C. There's no conversion to terrestrial digital TV, and it has not as for this moment been decided if it's going to be MPEG2 or MPEG4/AVC, but it is most likely to be the latter one. There's no Closed Captioning. Some digital channels broadcast optionally original sound along with DVB softcoded subtitles. For analogue TV voiceover is used instead of full dubbing [with movies for children being an exception]. Sound varies for analogue broadcast from mono, thru NICAM and Zweiton [A2] up to Dobly Digital. Digital broadcasts usually transmit in stereo or AC3

What was invented in 1940?

Some inventions of 1940 are velcro, color tv, digital computer, atomic bomb, frisbee, silly puddy, tupperware and the microwave.

Why was TV important to history?

Television was a great innovation that provides entertainment and news too. The history of the development of television is a subject of importance based on it's own innovations as well how this media has impacted society. It has had an important effect on such matters of importance on elections as one example of its importance.

Where can you find video and audio clips from the Vietnam war?

The HISTORY CHANNEL on TV has video's advertised.

What are the release dates for Vietnam A Television History - 1983 LBJ Goes to War 1964-1965 1-4?

Vietnam A Television History - 1983 LBJ Goes to War 1964-1965 1-4 was released on: USA: 18 October 1983

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What are a few things that have changed TV history?

Well, a few things that have changed TV history are the following: -the transition of black & white TV --to-- color TV -the transition from analog TV to Digital TV

Do you need a digital tv if you install a digital antenna?

No you do not need a digital tv if you have a digital antenna. But you will need a digital to analog converter box if you have an analog tv and a digital antenna.

Why doesn't a digital TV with a digital tuner get a digital picture?

The signal sent to the TV must be a digital signal as well.

What has the author Peter Benjamin Seel written?

Peter Benjamin Seel has written: 'Television wars' 'Digital universe' -- subject(s): Digital electronics, Computers, Telecommunication, Information technology, History

Is your television digital?

none of my televisions are digital... yet.

Can I receive digital tv without cable service or a converter box?

Yes it's called Broadcast Digital Television. Does the TV have a built in digital tuner? A Digital Tuner receives Digital Broadcast Television. The menu will show if the TV has a built in Broadcast Digital TV tuner.

Does your TV have to be HD for digital TV?

All TVS that you can buy are ready for the digital signal. You do not have to buy an HD TV to get a digital signal.

How do you change to digital TV?

Buy a new digital ready tv, get a digital receiver Sky or Freeview for your analogue tv

How do you know if your tv is digital?

"Digital" is a very vague term for televisions. A telelvision can be called digital if any part of the signal path uses digital data. Therefore, any plasma or LCD telelvision is digital as they all use digital signals in generating an image. The question probably refers to digital inputs. If it has a digital receiver built in, for terrestrial digital broadcasts (UK Freeview, for example) or has a digital cable decoder, then it can be called digital. In these cases, the manual will point out that it is a digital TV. If the television has HDMI or DVI inputs, both of these are digital inputs and it is therefore a "digital" television. A better definition of "digital" in this question would get a better answer.

Will Comcast provide you with a digital TV antenna?

Comcast will provide you with a digital tv box that allows your television to receive the digital signal and therefore you won't need the digital tv antenna.

Why do you think that people pay for digital tv?

Digital TV's are capable of and necessary for processing digital TV broadcasts.

Does this TV have the new input for digital cable?

It does have a digital tuner built in. This LCD TV has a built in digital tuner,so you can receive all digital broadcast.

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