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How long to wear garment after lipo?

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2010-07-18 07:19:56

Some patients wear the garment as much as possible for the first

7 days. After that it is good to purchase a lighter support garment

or body shaper from a local department store to be worn during

activity for 1 more week. Compression created by the garment is the

most important thing after your procedure. Take your garment off

only to shower or change the dressing.

Remember, wearing the garment is more important than trying to

stay dry so do not attempt too many frequent dressing changes. To

change the dressings, simply take off the wet ones and use the

sanitary pads or the dressings provided by the nurse and apply over

incision sites. Use extra padding in these areas. Chin support

garments are worn 24 hours per day for 2 days and then nightly

through the next 10 days.

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