How long was Leia a captive of Jabba's?

Although the transitions of the film imply that Leia was chained by Jabba's side for no longer than probably 12 hours, this is in fact highly illogical. Although she was subdued at night and Luke came at some point during the morning, there is absolutely no indication that it was actually the NEXT morning. What's more, her costume fits her so neatly (its "loose" nature is part of the design, as if it were any tighter, it would be extremely uncomfortable), and so all those measurements and tailoring would have to have been done very late at night; if it was already late when she was captured, then the costume would have been completed at some point near the same time of morning that she is next seen - and everyone seems pretty well-rested when Luke appears. Finally, Leia's resistance to Jabba when she is first captured appears to be quite abandoned by the time she's on the Sail Barge, as indicated when Jabba tugs her chain from across the room, making her turn, run to him, leap up on the throne, and press close against him - an act that would require far too much activity on her own part for it to be a mere physical reaction (such as falling backwards, etc.) In all likelihood, Leia was held for 24-72 hours, during which time she was fitted for the costume, chained to Jabba, and forced into acts which disciplined her enough to come to him when he yanks her chain.