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How long were the stamp act riots?

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they began once the tax was announced (June or July) and ended in march one year later it was 1776

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Did the stamp act 1765 end?

Yes, the Stamp Act of 1765 ended. The act was repealed when Parliament finally gave in to the colonists riots. The same day the Stamp Act was repealed, Parliament passed the Declaratory Act.

What caused the new york riot in 1766?

They were anti-stamp act riots. Even though it happened AFTER the stamp act was repealed in 1765

What got the stamp act cancelled?

having riots in some cities and boycotting british products.

Where did yhe stamp act happen?

The Stamp Act was passed by British Parliament in England in 1765, but it affected the American colonies... not entirely sure what is meant by the question. The anti-stamp act riots began in Boston on August 14, 1765, if that's what was being asked...

What was the most effective methods to protest the Stamp Act?

people protesting and making large riots to destroy most of the town.

How did Great Britain respond to the colonists' reaction to the Stamp Act?

The Parliament of Great Britain repealed the Stamp Act in 1766 and replaced it with the Declaratory Act. They did this in response to the riots being held in the colonies and the colonists' boycotting of trade with Great Britain.

What was result of Stamp Act?

The Stamp Act imposed a new tax on all of the American colonists for all piece of printed paper that they used. This included licenses, legal documents, newspapers, playing cards, and all other types of paper. This resulted in opposition from the colonies in forms including riots and eventually the Stamp Act was repealed out of expediency.

What act was after the stamp act?

The quartering act was after the stamp act.

How long did the stamp act last?

25 years

Long term cause of American revolution?

Navigation Act Stamp Act Quartering Act

What was the stamp act and what things were taxed under this act?

the stamp act is when they told you that a stamp a certain stamp had to be on absolutely everything.

Why did colonist dislike the sugar act and stamp act?

the job was to long and tired the workers out.

What act repealed the stamp act?

The quartering act was the act that made the stamp act get repealed.

Stamp act date?

The date of the Stamp Act was March 22, 1765. The Stamp Act was repealed on March 18, 1966 The Stamp act was taxation on the Colonies.

Was the stamp act an action or reaction to the revolutionary war?

Neither. The Stamp Act preceded the Revolution and was one of the "long tain of abuses" cited in the Declaration of Independence.

When did the stamp act pass?

the stamp act was passed in 1765

When was the stamp act passed?

the stamp act was passed in 1765!

Do you have pictures of the stamp act?

They did not have cameras during the stamp Act.

How did the colonists protest the stamp act?

they had the stamp act congress

What was the stamp act and things where under the stamp act?

Many things were under the stamp Act, but mostly printed papers.

How was the stamp act different from the Tea Act?

the stamp act was a tax on paper products

Which came first the Stamp Act or the Quartering Act?

The Stamp Act came before the Quartering Act.

Which came first the Declaratory act or the Stamp Act?

The Stamp Act came before the Declaratory act.

What did the Loyalist think of the Stamp Act?

The Loyalists thought that the Stamp Act was necessary as they were loyal to England. The Stamp Act was enacted in 1765.

What came first the stamp act congress or the stamp act?

The Stamp Act, I think that's really or possibly right though.........