How long will a Sunfire run?

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I have had my 2000 Pontiac sunfire since it was brand new and i have 235000 miles on it and it is still running great!

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Q: How long will a Sunfire run?
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Can i swap a 1997 Sunfire 2.4 with a 1997 Sunfire 2.2?

yes as long as u swap the wiring and the computer too

Can you run a 1995 Pontiac sunfire without a catalytic converter?

No, it is illegal to remove the converter. The car will also not run correctly without the converter in place.

How do you reset a fuel pump on a Sunfire?

there is no reset in a sunfire, if it doesn't work (can't hear the pump run) and you have tested & found power at the pump connector then the pump has died. Sometimes if you turn the key to the accessory position and don't hear the pump run give the bottom of the tank a few good kicks and the pump may start. If that works buy a pump because it won't go for long.

Can you use a 2.4 cavalier engine in a Pontiac Sunfire gt?

you can as long as it is withing certain years 1996-1999 cavalier engine will work in a 96-99 sunfire and a 99-02 cav engine will fit a 99-02 sunfire

What temp does motor run on 2001 sunfire?

its somewhere right in the middle of the temop gage possibly a little higher then that.

Coolant for a 99 Sunfire?

Coolent for 1999 sunfire is known as LONG LIFE coolent,namly Dextron and is pink/reddish in colour and should be changed every 5 years.

How long does it take to change a water pump on 96 2.2ltr sunfire?

1.5 hr

What is the ohm rating of rear speakers in a Pontiac sunfire?

The ohm rating is 8 ohm on the rear speakers in a Pontiac Sunfire. They can be switched out, as long as the front and rear speakers match.?æ

Is the computer box in 2000 cavalier z24 the same as a 1999 sunfire gt?

No....I got to work on a GT Sunfire wiring harness after the ECM fell out of the car and was run over which ripped the wires out.After trying to connect them(which was a losing battle from the get-go) I learned that several wires on the sunfire went into different terminals on the computer.

Why would a 2000 Pontiac Sunfire start up and run fine for a couple of days then it won't start unless you press on the gas pedal two to three times?


Your fan stays on when the car is truned off 2003 sunfire?

This is normal. These fans are run by a thermostat that keeps the engine cool. It will run for a short time even after the car is shut off.

What would cause all 4 spark plugs to be black and run rough on a 95 sunfire 22L?

Engine is running extremely rich.

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