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We can't be absolutely sure how long a footprint will last on the moon since it might or might not be struck by a meteoroid or other cosmic debris, but potentially it could last for billions of years. It is also possible (although I am not expecting it) that the moon will someday be colonized by people, who will then disturb the existing footprints. But then again, they might want to preserve them as monuments.

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Q: How long will a foot print last on the moon?
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Why does a foot print last so long on the moon?

The moon has no atmosphre- how is this important? this simple means that the moon experiences no form of erosion(agents of erosion are fuelled by the atmosphere) which poses a threat to any land mark on earth.

Would a foot print stay on the moon?

Yes because there are no forces on the moon to erode the foot step. That is that same reason we can leave the Apollo's on the moon.

Is ther still a foot print left on the moon?

Of course there are several.

Last American man set foot on the moon?

Eugene Cernan and Harrison schmitt were the last men to set foot on the moon

Who is the first man to get to the moon?

Niel Alden Armstrong was the first man to set foot on the moon. look him up and you'll see some pictures of his foot print still there on the moon.

Who was the last man to set foot on the moon?

The last man to set foot on the moon was Eugene Cernan. He did this while a member of the crew of Apollo 17.

Who was the last person to set foot on the moon and when?

The last man on the moon was Gene Cernan on December 18, 1972.

What did Neil Armstong leave behind on the surface of the moon?

the American flag and his foot print

What year did the last astronauts set foot on the moon?


Last person to step foot on the moon?

Eugene Cernan

When was the first trial of foot print was found on the moon?

The first set of foot prints on the moon, were those of Apollo 11 astronauts. And they will be there for years to come, as there is no wind or rain to wipe it out for good.

Why Neil Armstrong's footprints still be seen on the moon?

yes.There is no wind on the moon so things like foot print's wont move!

Why is amstrongs foot print still on the moon?

yes because there is no eroision 12 yr old answered this

When was the last time for someone to walk on moon?

The last time humans set foot on the moon was Apollo 17 in December 1972.

Who is the theLAST American man to set foot on the moon?

The last man to walk on the moon was Harrison Schmitt.

Is there a foot print of an alien to the moon?

im sorry but no! any sign of alien life has been declined. for now....

How long does a new moon last?


Why do foot prints last very long on the moon?

Because there is no wind on the moon the dust remains in position unlike earth where wind blows dust and dirt which in turn fills cracks and crevices

Why do foot print tracks left by astronauts stay on the moon?

No wind, rain, or people to disturb them, just empty space.

How long does the moon take to change from last quarter to new moon?

the same time it take the moon to change from a new moon to the last quarter

Why do foot prints last for hundreds of years?

You might mean on the moon. There is no wind or rain to erode the footprint on the moon, that's why it can last up to billions of years.

How long will the moon last for?

a very long time, probably forever.

Which mans footprint was on the moon?

The most durableman-made creaton ever is Buzz Aldrin's foot print on the moon.=It's expected to remain unchanged for hundreds of thousands of years.=

How long does a moon phase last?

one month

How long does the moon phase last?

30 days