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You will be tender for about 4 to 5 days. It probably feels like you got socked in mouth.

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Does it always swell a lot when you get wisdom teeth pulled?

Usually. The swelling will subside in a few days.

Can you fly after having your wisdom teeth pulled?


What is the cost of having 9 teeth pulled and upper dentures?

neeed teeth pulled and dentures put in the same day

Can you play basketball after getting teeth pulled?

yes but it is very hard to shoot a jump shot after having your teeth pulled......

Is having spacers worse than having teeth out?

it is definitely not as bad as getting teeth pulled out spacers don't hurt

Are some people wake having wisdom teeth pulled?

I was.

Can you have a gravy Bisquick after having teeth pulled the next AM?


Is it normal to have constant migraines 5 days after having wisdom teeth pulled?

No, having migraines for 5 days in a row is not normal at all after having your wisdom teeth pulled. You should contact the dentist right away.

What is worse having a bone marrow transplant from your hip to your mouth or having all four wisdom teeth pulled out?

wisdom teeth

Can having all your teeth pulled cause a runny nose all the time?

Even a few teeth being pulled can have an effect on your nasal cavity.

Why do you have a metal taste after having teeth pulled?

because of the iron in your blood.

Can you go back to work after having your wisdom teeth pulled?


Does having all your teeth pulled stop the periodontal disease?


How long do you have to wait to go swimming after having teeth pulled?

Honestly, I do not think swimming water will affect your mouth if you have had teeth pulled out, so straight away!

How do you stop pain after a week of having teeth pulled?

You can take over the counter pain medication to stop the pain after a week of having teeth pulled. If over the counter medication doesn't help, contact your dentist.

Can you play in a volleyball game after having wisdom teeth pulled?

Yes you could. You shouldn't though. After you have had your wisdon teeth pulled you need is possible but you wouldn't benadviced to.

When can you smoke after having a tooth pulled?

Never! Why do you want to ruin your teeth anyway..

What should you eat after having teeth pulled out?

anything soft or take tylonel

What should toddlers eat after having there teeth pulled my daughter is having her 4 front teeth pulled what should i get for her to eat for the few days after?

apple sauce jared baby food mashed apples mashed banana

Should a senior dog have her teeth pulled?

If it is affecting your dog's health then yes. Having their teeth pulled does not affect a dog's eating ability by much. Just feed them wet foods.

Does having you re teeth pulled out hurt?

Well, before they actually remove your teeth, the dentist will inject a numbing formula into the gums out the teeth that are to be pulled out. Pretty much that thing that hurts the most is the little prick of the needle. Don't sweat it!

How long does it take to get braces after all your teeth are pulled?

You can get them on any time after you get teeth pulled, many people get teeth pulled while they already have braces.

Do you get nausious when your teeth get pulled?

if you get dizzy when you are on a rollar coaster you will get dizzy gettiung your teeth pulled

how much do it cost to have two teeth pulled?

how much do it cost to have two teeth pulled?

Would it be safe to smoke marijuana through your nose after having wisdom teeth pulled?

No...but you wouldn't care