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it depends on what's the temperature you freeze it in. if you freeze it in a freezer with the temperature at 5 degrees it might take about 45 minutes to an hour.

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Q: How long will it take to freeze water with orange juice IN IT?
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How long does it take orange juice to freeze?

65 billion years because orange juice has sertain chemicals in it so it doesn't freeze in 2 hours.

How long to defrost 1 gallon frozen orange juice?

It generally takes about 2 to 4 hours to freeze juice.

How long does it take to freeze water and juice?

It depends what temperature you try to freeze it at.

Why would tap water melt snow faster than bottled water or orange juice?

It has been compressed for a long time in a bottle so it uses water and air. orange juice has pulp which takes longer to release juice from to melt

How long does it take a plant to grow with orange juice?

it may grow because it contains water ..but it may not as it also containc citric acid .

How long does it take for orange juice to boil?

it take orange juice 3 weeks

How do you freeze fresh squeezed orange juice?

To freeze fresh squeezed orange juice, pour the juice into a sturdy freezer container with a lid. Leave some room at the top. Put it into the freezer. To thaw the juice, put it in the refrigerator.

Is Canada dry with orange juice nasty?

No its quite good as long as you put about 20% orange juice, 80% canada dry.

What juice would clean a penny apple juice orange juice or cranberry juice?

I don't know why you are cleaning a penny with juice but orange juice. The acid found in orange juice if left touching something for long periods of time can start eroding the surface , removing stains and rust.

Why does fruit juice take so long to freeze?

because your mom

Can you water a plant with orange juice?

Watering strawberries with orange juice a day before harvest can add a sweet citrus taste. BUt... long term watering with orange juice will kill most plants dew to the high PH and sugar levels. The sugar will likely breed bacteria and the acid burns the plants vessels.

How long does it take for orange juice to decay?

it takes 1 day 17 hours and 29 minutes for orange juice to rot or decay